I-78 Woes

01-07-2019 .. In the interest of community information, I-78 has had three major accidents on the 16 mile “death zone” between Hamburg and New Smithville. December 27th, January 2nd and now January 7th.  We noted that although traffic was detoured off I-78 through the Krumsville intersection, we did not have the Kempton Bad Boys out there directing traffic.  Due to that fact, we once again monitored the intersection for informational purposes.

(I have multiple videos of detours dating back to 2017 … showing the dangers of this intersection during traffic detours)

We did wonder why traffic control was not brought to Krumsville, when I-78 was closed west bound (click here to read the article on our latest I-78 misadventure)  and at the same time east bound was detouring onto the shoulder due to both lanes being blocked by the second accident.  Historically, when a major I-78 detour occurred, we had traffic control help in the intersection provided by Kempton, Virginville or Kutztown fire departments. We did catch on the intersection monitoring cameras, three separate fender benders in the intersection during this 6 hour long detour. One of those was a hit and run.

Then this article was posted. (click here to read it)

Date set for talks with state The issue is likely to be discussed at a meeting Jan. 22 at 6 p.m. in the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency building at the former Hamburg Center on Old Route 22, officials said.

WELL THEN!  I cannot blame the local fire departments for refusing to spend precious dollars on traffic control when the state will not help them with the costs.

It is time for us, the residents, and them, the township governing body, to demand that PennDOT deny the developer, JVI, the HOP (highway occupancy permit) to build their warehouse half a mile north of this intersection.  I-78 resides 400 feet south of this intersection and with I-78 detours becoming the norm, warehouse generated traffic through this intersection is going to be deadly to local residents and area travelers.

Our township can, and should be, involved in the HOP process.  Here is a link to the HOP process.  According to page 3 under the section titled “Municipalities”, Greenwich Twp does have a say in the process and we have asked, repeatedly at public meetings that they get involved.  The answer we receive each time is shrug, hands thrown up in the air and the comment, “We have tried to talk to PennDOT and they will not work with us.”  I totally understand that response as we have had the exact same experience.

We have reached out to Leslie Richards directly with phone calls, emails and letters, and have reached out to her through her office staff with phone calls, emails and letters.  At this time we have received two “form letters” from her … and she believes she is “for the people” and stated on a public newscast that she is “for the people”.  Well then Miss Richards, get your ass out here and review the reams of paperwork, documentation, videos and photos we have on this intersection and then instruct your PennDOT to deny the HOP to the developer, JVI of Crossroads X2.

And Leslie, should you happen to take the time to read this blogs, and the multiple other blogs on this website, and you would like to listen to the four hour long PennDOT meeting we had, I have that meeting on tape.  You can hear every single issue and concern the Greenwich Township and Krumsville residents presented at that meeting … with documentation, photos, video, etc.

We have had multiple meetings with PennDOT, our Senator Argall, and State Representative Jerry Knowles regarding this intersection.  Every single one of these meetings had no resolution, finger pointing and responsibility directed to another government agency.  Well boys, we have done the three ring circus, spoken with every state government agency and yet nothing has been accomplished.

When did government STOP being “By the people, For the people”. When did our local governing body stop trying to protect their residents?  Why, after hundreds of photos, dozens of videos and 200 residents standing up to shout, does PennDOT ignore the fact that this Krumsville intersection is not able to handle any amount of warehouse traffic?

Now, let’s stop to ponder – what is going to happen to this intersection over the next four years while PennDOT is widening the road, shoving traffic through cattle chutes and causing major traffic backups, which will detour off the highway onto Old Route 22 and through the Lenhartsville and Krumsville teeny tiny intersections.  Where is the safety concerns for residents of those towns?

And how on earth, knowing this construction project is to begin shortly, can PennDOT approve an HOP for a warehouse just north of the Krumsville intersection?