The Book #2

Official Release Date - October 7th 2014

Official Release Date – October 7th 2014

Oh ho ho …

January 2014 I started the editing process on this new book and I am not happy.  This is BORING!

This blog is to keep you posted on my progress so when it’s ready you can buy it and read it.

January 17th … it’s officially in the hands of the publisher and in their editing department.  Production starts March 3rd 2014.

bookcover_adApril 1st (April Fool’s Day – really???)  The publishing company did not like my idea for a cover (click the thumbnail to see a bigger image) so they have come up with several options that suck out loud (sigh). They said that I have no idea what I’m talking about for capturing the audiences attention.  Firstly, I am pretty sure I know my audience and secondly, maybe I don’t have a clue but I sure don’t like any of THEIR ideas.  OMG, they looked like a 2nd grader did the art work and cover design.  Very very poorly renditioned.  SO!!!!  I went on the hunt for clip art that I could purchase and came up with the below idea.

This is the only one I saw that makes me feel “okay” about it.

Sable_Cover_v4 copy

(May 27th, 2014)  They still have not confirmed a cover and they still have not changed the sub title to “More Amazing Misadventures”.  And now I am contacted by the publisher that the production manager I had been working with has left on maternity leave and now I have a fill-in production manager.  She called me on the phone and her english is very broken, it was difficult for me to understand what she was trying to say about the status of my book.  (sigh)  I wonder if I will ever get through this and see the book in print???

(May 29th 2014)  Digital proof is in my hands!!!!  YAY!!!!!  Once I get through this and they make the necessary minor changes, the book goes to print.  We’re expecting a July 2014 print date.  Stay tuned for availability!