MUSTANG 50 2016

So, this is probably the very last endurance ride I will do with Miss Daizy.  There is a person totally interested in buying her, and that person only weighs 120 pounds.  Perfect fit for Miss Daizy.  That person is also an experienced endurance rider who has been out of the game for many years and is ready to come back in with a horse that already knows its job. Perfect fit for Miss Daizy.

So why am I so sad?

I love this little mare.  She has never been anything but 100% honest in her work, willingness and she’s a tough little m-fer.  Whew.  I have never ridden on a horse as tough as her.  This is the right decision, both for her and for me.  Because if I keep her, I will continue to ride her and I will eventually break her down.


weather_forecast1To top things off.  It’s supposed to be a very wet ride at Mustang.  Oh yes.  I have competed at eight rides this year and been rained on at seven of them.  What a season.  This has been the hottest summer on record for the Northeast with humidity levels consistently in the 80% or higher.  I skipped four rides this year because I just couldn’t handle the heat.  And then the rides I did attend, I got rained on.  Yep, this has been one of “those” years.

I will not complain, or whine, because my friend Rowena is having an even worse year than me.  Her horse Czar has had lameness issues at Pine Tree, then again at Chesapeake, and she has decided to let him have the rest of the year off to get his body back into order.  So, I offered her to ride Steel at Mustang.  We’re going to be riding partners again, isn’t that fun?  And Renee is coming to Mustang so she may join us and we’ll be a trio.

Memories of Muckleratz!

traffic2Well – after seeing the traffic and standing out in the monsoon and blowing wind this morning, Ro and I decided that going to Mustang is NOT going to be fun so we’re going to skip it.  I am sad to miss the ride but not at all sad to miss the cold rain or the sticky sand stuck to everything.

So, next ride will be Jersey Devil in a couple weeks.  And Miss Daizy will be in her new home by then so it will be me and Steel as partners.

And, still thinking to go to SC in November and do a 100 mile ride.  Just need to figure out how to steal an LQ trailer before that can happen.