What the heck is NACMO?  Well, it’s a most awesome equine sport in which you and your horse alone, or you with a group of friends and their horses, go out on trail with a map, a compass, a pen and find hidden objectives.  While it is a timed sport (team/individual with the best time wins) it is also a great way to spend time with your horse, your friends and enjoy a some fellowship, camaraderie and friendly competition.  Not to mention making you think and use a compass while mounted!

In 2014, I was introduced to this sport and was instantly hooked.  It’s a great way to give my endurance horses some conditioning without the constant speed, and it teaches my endurance horses patience on trail (chuckle) which they mostly do not possess.

With that said, in 2017 our regional director of 11 years made the decision to retire from that position and no-one in our region was really interested in taking up the reins.  In order not to lose my new found fun sport, I volunteered to take over in 2018.

My first year was (mostly) a success!  I made mistakes, I caused some older members to become frustrated as I changed many things we were doing differently from the rest of the country, and I found a passion in promoting the sport to anyone who would listen.

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Ride managers, click here regarding 2020 changes to setting up a ride.  This is how to setup a course, as well as some tips and tricks!