JL McDouble Dose APHA #331,828

2014 breeding fee, $250 to AQHA, APHA or JC mares, $200 all other mares.

Pedigree at this link

The farm where I now keep my horses owns an exceptionally docile and correct conformation APHA (American Paint Horse Association) stallion.  He is a dark bay (Ee and Aa) and is homozygous to always produce pinto coloration on all his foals out of any mare.  In a time where the horse industry is in economic failure, the production of foals is a very serious business.  It is important that a breeder in this time produce only the best in conformation, temperament and disposition.  Poco will give any mare owner that wonderfully correct foal with a puppy-dog personality.

“Poco” is a very well bred and mannerly stallion.  As a young horse, he came to me to be trained to saddle and he was one of the easiest trainings I have been privileged to have over the years.  His foals have this same outstanding disposition, easy to work with and easy to train.

He only does “live cover” so your mare would need to come to us for breeding.  Mare care (wet or dry) is $7 per day.  Stay a whole month for $200.  We ask that you bring the mare’s grain so her feed isn’t changed and we will feed her a high quality grass hay.

Filly from 2013 … as always, beautiful color and a wonderful temperament!  She is now living near Hazelton, PA.  Her owner has high hopes to show her as a  yearling in 2014.


Some of his foals below.   Click the thumbnails to see a full sized photo.

I (personally) am not a fan of the pinto color, however this above foal was perfectly put together to compete at endurance.  It is a shame that we lost track of this foal because as an adult, she would be a horse to reckon with on the playing field!

The above colt has 21 points with APHA in halter and showmanship classes.  [UPDATE 2013, he now has 6 performance points in Western Pleasure]

The above filly is still owned by her original purchaser and has been doing lots of wonderful things with her family.  She competed Competitive Trail, has done a multitude of local “Fun Shows” and is the apple of her owner’s eye.

The above filly is one of the more stunning foals Poco produced.  She was sold into a Showing Home in 2010 and we look forward to seeing what she does in the future.  This is the one foal that Paula wished she had kept for herself.