Buffoonery CTR 2024

We will be running a CTR and CTD (that’s right, bring your cart horse!) on Memorial Weekend, on SATURDAY MAY 25, the day before the New York Adventure endurance ride.  We are very excited to be offering this ride.  Come and join us at Pure Country Campground in New Berlin, NY for a weekend of horsing around.

We are also running a Ride and Tie & Equathon Event on Saturday with the CTR/CTD.  Click here for entry form .. RNT 2024 ENTRY

Ride entry and itinerary, click the link here .. BUFFOONERY CTR 2024 ENTRY


  1. A-Beth Luck 12 mile
  2. B-Micheline Berteau 12 mile
  3. C-Kaitlyn Bright 12 mile