COVID-19 not what they thought …

… but no-one comes forward in the MEDIA to recognize that.  Please take the time to read the below and visit the weblinks.  This information is dated May 21, 2020.

I must take a somber moment here to state that from DAY 1 of this, I have been on the front line fighting for “responsibility of ones self” and I have been afraid.  I have lost friends because I refused to be afraid and contain myself in a bubble.  I have lost my freedom when “tattletales” turned me in for not being afraid and not locking myself in my house.  I lost my business because more “tattletales” called the government and turned us in so we were not allowed to work (how does one man, our governor, have the power to determine what businesses are life-essential and which ones are not?).  And there is nothing I can do alone correct any of this.  Not a damn thing.

CDC quietly releases the numbers on SARS-COV2.

Where’s the coverage, media??

Press releases appear to only matter when they can cause a frenzy.

Just to update:

*Ro = 2.5

* NOTHING to indicate it lives or spreads from surfaces (testing now completed via lab on May 20, 2020)

* NOTHING to indicate any transfer opportunities from an Asymptomatic Carrier (testing now complete via CDC May 19, 2020)

* NOTHING to indicate that you can be re-infected (testing now completed on the prior suspected reinfections showed the tests hit positive on dead virus because the tests couldn’t distinguish live from dead at that time May 20, 2020)

* The new death rate is .26% (0.0026). This includes people who died in hospices from existing disease, traumas and other causes of deaths who cultured positive post mortem or didn’t culture at all but lives with someone who did.

As reference, the flu is 0.1-0.3%

Ro and SCFR by age and new links in this CDC page.…/…/hcp/planning-scenarios.html

Explains what you’re looking at on the CDC page…/horowitz-cdc-confirms…/

Further corroborates.


Asymptomatic carriers…
“…there has been no documented asymptomatic transmission.”…/situa…/20200402-sitrep-73-covid-19.pdf


AND lastly, how these mistakes have cost our country billions of dollars.

Are you angry yet? We destroyed the economy over this. We tore apart friends and families over this. We attacked our fellow AMERICANS over this. THEY MANIPULATED OUR EMOTIONS over this.

For what? To make money. For a “treatment” with a cost of $1000 per dose that showed a measly 3.6% drop in fatality rate, and a reduction in ICU from 15 to a “whopping” 11 days as a standard of care (remdesivir)? Despite ample data that another cheaper treatment at 60¢ per dose that works when given early and paired with zinc. Have you seen one hydroxychloroquine study that was done where they gave it at the onset of symptoms and paired it with zinc? No. You saw one where they gave it as a last ditch Hail Mary when it was already too late for antivirals to work, and no mention of zinc.…/

Why? Nothing could interfere with the $750 BILLION they stand to gain from the vaccine for the entire planet.

Profits over science. Profits over LIVES and livelihoods!!

And to chip away at our freedoms.

Time to get angry at the SOURCE. And not each other. STAND TOGETHER and FIGHT for our constitutional LIBERTIES before it’s TOO LATE.

Let me be clear. The media (most of them) are the problem. But the SOURCE is the pharmaceutical interests that fund them, and threaten them, control them. The puppet masters need to be stopped.