NYA Sponsors 2023

Thank you to all the people and businesses that have donated time and award prizes.  You make our ride all that much better.


Any Pet Groomed (Marc) – donating BC awards for all distances

Triple Crown Feeds (Wendy) – donated First To Finish coupon for a bag of feed for all four distances.

Triple Crown Feeds (Geneva) – donating bags of feed for away water stops

Hill Crest Arabians (Suzie) – donated wine for High Vet Scores (we will have junior alternatives!)

New Promise Farms (Dodie) – donated embroidered hats for 30 and 50 High Vet Scores

Anonymous NACMO member – donated rain blanket 50 Mile Best Condition

Mary Coleman donating her most awesome Turtle Awards



Please consider donating items for awards.  The riders torture themselves and a small award for appreciation of their entries is welcome.