NYA Sponsors 2024

Thank you to all the people and businesses that have donated time and award prizes.  You make our ride all that much better.


Any Pet Groomed (Marc) – donating BC awards for all distances

Janice Marple – donated CTR completion awards

Triple Crown Feeds (Wendy) – donated First To Finish coupon for a bag of feed for all four distances. Also donating feed for the trail stops and in the hold.

Hill Crest Arabians (Suzie) – donated wine for High Vet Scores (we will have junior alternatives!)

New Promise Farms (Dodie) – donated emblem bags for CTR

Mary Coleman donating her most awesome Turtle Awards

Millie Turner of Turner Tack donating BC For the 75 mile riders.

Courtney Colvin of Guardian Equestrian Wear donated …(tbd)


Please consider donating items for awards.  The riders torture themselves and a small award for appreciation of their entries is welcome.