Chesapeake Spring CTR 2017

Steel did this ride for me this year, due to Penny playing in the snow with Grasshopper and straining her rear suspensory ligament.

POOR STEEL!  I wanted to see if I could earn her an ECTRA Versatility so I did not put her interference boots on and I rode her for CTR Judging.

Big Mistake.  She tore up her left rear pastern and she was not happy with me.

However, she did a fabulous job on the ride.  I rode with Dawn and Nicole and they set a nice strong pace all day.  Steel was her awesome “La la la” self and she finished the ride in 9th place.

The only thing about this ride that actually warrants a “story telling” is how I got dirty looks from the owner of the horse Dawn was riding …


Because Steel has some separation anxiety issues, which we all know about and love her anyway, so I parked her outside Dawn’s stall for the hold.  Apparently, this was not making that person very happy.  If looks could kill, I would be writing this from a graveyard somewhere.


It’s all good.  I had a blast with Dawn and Nicole and Steel was fabulous. Started the day with a coat and a hoody (brrrr) and ended the day stripped down to my t-shirt.  It was beautiful weather.

got the sponge