New York Adventure 2022

Back on track with our four distances.

You will need to book, and pay for, your camping through Pure Country Campground website.  There are limited numbers of electric hookups and cabins available.  NOTE!  You are responsible for paying for your campsite.

PURE COUNTRY CAMPGROUND in New Berlin, NY … The Campground will provide  a lunch/dinner meal on Sunday.  Saturday we are doing a “share a dish” meal.  Bring your food to the camp kitchen by 3:00 pm and get a ticket. Please bring it in a disposable container.  We are not responsible for lost containers. (If you cannot bring food, bring $10 to get a ticket.)

  • Sunday lunch (1/2 Chicken meal $15)

SUNDAY MAY 29, 2022

Four AERC Distances plus an elevator 2022 ENDURANCE ENTRY

  1. 30 mile Limited Distance
  2. 50 mile Endurance
  3. 75 mile Endurance
  4. 75 mile ELEVATOR
  5. 100 mile endurance

Ride-N-Tie three distances 2022 RIDE-N-TIE ENTRY

  1. 12 mile beginner Ride-N-Tie (one vet check)
  2. 30 mile Ride-N-Tie (two loops, two vet checks)
  3. 50 mile Ride-N-Tie (three loops, three vet checks)

As always, we will keep you posted on:

  1. Our awesome (and loved) SPONSORS
  2. Our special VOLUNTEERS
  3. Our eager and excited RIDERS
  4. The Ride MAPS

And here is the official ENTRY FORM