New York Adventure 2023

WELCOME TO May 28, 2023 New York Adventure.

NEW THIS YEAR!  All junior riders will stand for their own division BC (Best Condition) and HVS (High Vet Score)  This will not replace the normal BC and HVS for Top 10 of the ride, it is an additional enhancement we have added to encourage juniors to participate in,  and train for, standing for Top 10.  There will be a separate award for the juniors!

You will need to book, and pay for, your camping through Pure Country Campground website.  There are limited numbers of electric hookups, cabins and stalls available.  NOTE!  You are responsible for paying for your campsite.


Saturday evening we are doing a “share a dish” meal.  Bring your food to the camp kitchen by 3:00 pm and get a ticket. Please bring it in a disposable container.  We are not responsible for lost containers. (If you cannot bring food, bring $5 to get a meal ticket.) 

Sunday we will have coffee, tea and some miscellaneous breakfast items.  There will be a half chicken meal available for riders to purchase for lunch/dinner.

Three AERC Distances  NYA 2023 ENTRY ENDURANCE

  • 30 mile Limited Distance
  • 50 mile Endurance
  • 75 mile Endurance

Ride-N-Tie, or Equathon ..  four distances 2023_ENTRY_RNT

  1. 12 Mile beginner Ride-N-Tie (one vet check)
  2. 18 or 20 mile Advanced Ride-N-Tie (one vet check)
  3. 30 mile Ride-N-Tie (two loops, two vet checks)
  4. 50 mile Ride-N-Tie (three loops, three vet checks)

Equathon, any of the above distances, use above entry form for NYA 2023 RNT

As always, we will keep you posted on:

  1. Our awesome (and loved) SPONSORS
  2. Our special VOLUNTEERS
  3. Our eager and excited RIDERS
  4. The Ride Map (all distances) NYA_TRAIL_MAP_ 2023


  1. Blue loop 21.3 miles
  2. Blue loop +3.7 miles for 75 mile riders only
  3. Red loop 17.6 miles
  4. Pink loop 11.2 miles