New York Adventure 2021

COVID Restrictions apply, please read your entry carefully for all the rules.  This is on a first come, first served basis, your spot will not be saved until we have received your entry and payment in full.  (UPDATE) The ride is full. Email me to get on the waiting list.

PURE COUNTRY CAMPGROUND in New Berlin, NY … The Campground will have take-away meals available

  • Saturday evening (Pasta $10)
  • Sunday lunch (1/2 Chicken meal $13)

SUNDAY MAY 30, 2021

Two AERC Distances

  1. 30 mile Limited Distance
  2. 50 mile Endurance

Ride-N-Tie two distances

  1. 12 mile beginner Ride-N-Tie (one vet check)
  2. 30 mile ride-n-tie Ride-N-Tie (two loops, two vet checks)

As always, we will keep you posted on:

  1. Our awesome (and loved) SPONSORS
  2. Our special VOLUNTEERS
  3. Our eager and excited RIDERS
  4. The Ride MAPS

And here is the official ENTRY FORM NYA 2021 ENTRY FORM

DUE TO LIMITS OF PEOPLE, we are asking you to leave your beloved loved ones home.  We are only able to have 120 people on site.  20 of those are your vets and volunteers.  90 will be endurance riders, 10 will be Ride-N-Tie participants.  Any additional people will lower the number of riders allowed.  PLEASE, when these COVID restrictions are removed from our lives, I promise to open the ride back up to a big 200 person party!!!!