Muckleratz 30 LD 2017

We did so well at OD, we were gonna try it again, mother/daughter team on Penny and Steel. Unfortunately, Naoma’s car started drinking oil so she needed her money to repair it.  She is very very sad.  I am very very sad.  I really enjoyed spending the weekend at OD with Naoma.

I have reached out to a couple people I know to ride Steel. Ro had already asked about taking Steel to Vermont to ride 75 miles so I thought picking up a ride for 30 miles would be a good team building experience.  Ro quickly said, “Why Yes! Pick me!”

The weather is showing itself to be pretty normal for this time of year.  Hot 90 degrees and humidity in the upper 80%.  Of course, this doesn’t make me happy – Dodie weather is anything under 60 degrees.


Penny Pony doesn’t cool off as nicely as Steel, so I have to take it easy and be aware that we need plenty of water-water-water.

So, now that it’s time to leave for the ride, I find myself with some trepidation. Our last camping experience was not so fun.  Penny Pony was a very bad camper and I was not interested in a repeat performance.  I thought that I might cut down on the size of her corral and maybe park somewhere hidden from view.  Since they were not letting anyone into the base camp until high noon, I figured I would get there with plenty of time to get a parking spot in a blind area.

On my way to the ride, which is literally an hour and a half from us, I chose to ignore my turn onto 209 and take a 20 mile detour by continuing down 901.  I have no idea why I did this.  Seems I was in my thoughts about how to handle Penny Pony if she was not going to camp well again.


I arrive at camp at 1:00 and


There are already about 50 rigs there and the parking attendant is all frazzled because she has no idea where to put anyone else coming in.  I told her that I thought my friends were going to save me a spot and she said, “No, we were not allowing anyone to save spots.”

Oh boy