Course Layout

We are going to strive to function in our region the same as the other regions around the country.  One thing all the other regions offer, which historically we have not, is every ride offers a Long Course setup and a Short Course setup.  This gives attendees the option to run a long distance or a short distance.

Currently we are the only region offering a Long Course of just 5 plates (each plate worth 2 points)  All other regions offer a 10 plate Long Course and a 5 plate Short Course. Just like the Long Course, the Short Course has National standings and awards.  We have many riders with older horses, or horses with older riders, that would like to join in the fun of NACMO, but they are daunted by the Long Course.  The Short Course gives them the ability to have fun with us without killing the horse or rider!

We are approved to continue to offer a 5 plate long course which then gives us the ability to offer a 3 plate Short Course. (we’ll talk about scoring 3 plates further down)

Once you choose your trail system, carefully review it for the ability to setup a shorter ride of 5 to 7 miles.

A short course can be setup in conjunction with the Long Course. In this example, a rider can choose to ride the LC or ride the SC but not to ride both.  One map is made,  one course is setup and two separate score/timing sheets are turned in.  Simple for the Ride Manager.


.The below example is how many rides outside our region are done.  There are actually 2 separate courses setup.  One for the Long Course and one for the Short Course.  Riders then have the option to run just one of the rides, or both of the rides.  There are many riders in NACMO who have points in both the Long Course and the Short Course division. This is a little more work for the ride manager, as 15 plates have to be set out (or 8 plates) and 2 separate maps made.  And the ride manager may be at the ride site for many hours waiting for all riders to complete.

The nice thing about doing two separate courses, there can be no “cheating” … not that I think anyone ever cheats, but it does prevent a Long Course rider from telling a Short Course rider the plate letters and visa versa!!!


Scoring Long Course:

  • 10 plates = 1 point per plate (10 points)
  • 5 plates = 2 points per plate (10 points)
  • 6 placings (First 6 points down to Sixth 1 point)

Scoring Short Course:

  • 5 plates = 1 point per plate
  • 3 plates = 2 points on 2 plates and 1 point on 1 plate (designated on the master map)
  • 3 placings (First 3 points down to Third 1 point)