Lesson learned (again)

My bad.  I never listen to my gut. I must have a body language that says, “Sure, I’m a sucker!” because every time I get ripped off.

In this case, I was shopping for a beta biothane harness for Bee. Sturdy, to hold up to distance driving, so I could do driving CTRs with her in 2023.  Many people had harness available and prices were very steep.

This woman reached out that she had two harnesses, a no-name for $650 and a Yonnies for $800.


or maybe this one … https://www.facebook.com/julie.capone.549

or could be this one … https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100058598470788

Not sure, sent messages to all three Julie Forsyth that live in Morriston, FL.  Ugh

I have been notified by several local people that this is her information and this is tyupical of her to be untruthful:

Julie Forsyth    perfectponyandpup@gmail.com

2251 SE 136th Avenue ,    Morriston, FL 32668, 570. 236 8656

I asked her to send me photos. I looked at both the Yonnies and the No-name. I liked the look of the no-name, it looked very sturdy and the price was remarkable.

She said this was a 13.5 hand pony.  I should have stopped right there and said she has no clue.  We all know there is no such thing as a .5 in a horse measurement.




But, I ignored my gut as I was taken by the harness.  I looked her up on Facebook, she looked legit so I gave her the benefit of the doubt and asked for some close up photos because I was very interested but wanted to make sure it was quick release shaft hoops.  It was difficult to tell from the pony picture. (Note here, she had sent me two sets of pictures – an all black harness and a black and brown harness.  The Black and brown was the Yonnies.  The all black was the no-name)

Oh, I am totally sold on this harness so I asked Julie if she takes PayPal so I can send her money right away.  Oh no, she only does check or cash.  No Paypal.

MY GOD DODIE, walk away … just walk away and keep shopping.  But no, I asked her where she lived and she’s deep in the middle of Florida Endurance Rider territory. I figure I can have someone I know go see the harness and pay for it.  Then I know it’s not a scam.  I did find a wonderful person to do just that.  I sent them the money, they met up with Julie and got the harness and shipped it to me.  I am soooo excited to get it.

And when it arrived, this is what I got.

A bridle that looks like it is cobbled together from three different bridles. And no over check strap or reins. I specifically asked if the reins were included. The saddle and breeching is obviously not the same as in the pictures sent to me.  So I reached out to Julie and was like, “Uhm, this isn’t right.”




And this is the last message I had back from Julie.  She is now ghosting me.  I have reached out to her on Facebook, through Messenger, on her cell phone and no response at all.  In fact, if you see here, the messages are being delivered but not being read.

Sadly, once again I have been the victim of a total scam artist.  I am sharing this blog so that other people to do fall into her traps because apparently she still has other harnesses for sale … including the one I though I bought.