Volunteer Agenda

Good Morning!

If you have not looked at your job, please do so at this link http://newpromisefarms.com/?page_id=4605

If you have not reserved your camping spot, please do so at this link http://purecountrycampground.com/campsites.aspx

Now, onto the fun information;

Due to COVID, we are limited to the number of people allowed in the event.  Helping riders will require that you invade their 6 foot safety zone so masks are required if the rider feels uncomfortable.  Please carry a mask with you at all times while assisting or interacting with anyone in the campsite.

Jobs are pretty easy, but it is a long day starting at 6:00 am when riders leave out on trail and ending at 6:00 pm when all riders should be finished.  Some of you will start earlier, like 5:30 am but will be finished early.  Some of you will start later, and will finish a bit after 6:00 pm.  Some jobs will require some on-the-spot training (like the Paperwork Scanner and the Ride Card Manager) and some jobs will have morphed to accommodate the COVID restrictions placed on us by the State of New York and AERC, our governing organization. (Like Timers, Vets and Scribes)

For those of you working in the hold, this is a VERY IMPORTANT job this year as I have restricted riders from bringing crew with them.  Holding horses, being a trot out runner, helping to sponge and cool off, bringing a snack or lunch, may seem trivial but it is not.  It is so vital to the horse’s overall well being.  The rider’s may be preoccupied and not overly appreciative at the time, but trust me when I say that every hand helping is like a God to the rider.

Those of you out on trail, it’s a long day.  Make sure your cell phones are charged before going out as you will be texted with pulled rider numbers so you will know that they are not coming through again. I put you out with a friend so you aren’t lonely, but bring a chair, book, drinks, snacks and a sense of humor (especially if it’s raining).  I will have someone run a lunch out to you or if you have your car and need a break,  one of you can certainly come in for some food and conversation.

To all of you, I am so glad  you are helping me make this ride happen for AERC.  It’s difficult to have so few volunteers and I feel like I’m asking each of you a lot, and I want you to know ” I LOVE YOU”

Please, bring questions, concerns, comments, hugs (yes, I will take any and all hugs!!!) during the day on Sunday.  You are the riders slaves and I am your slave.

Saturday Afternoon:

10:00 am until dark is check-in.  Our check-in personnel will be stationed at the pavilion with the necessary paperwork to get riders through quickly.  There is no congregating allowed and all riders must stay 6 feet apart while waiting.  I will have a person there (if not me, then someone mean like Mary Coleman!) keeping the riff-raff from breaking the rules (chuckle)

12:00 pm until dark we will have someone running on wheelbarrow duty in the ring and the surrounding areas of the pavilion/campground club house.

2:00 pm until dark is vetting, if you are a scribe, please be here to help your vet!

VOLUNTEERS, you should have a meal ticket from me to eat dinner.  It is a take away to your trailer.  Please do not congregate at the campground club house.


Ride starts at 6:00 am.  On trail spotters need to leave for their spot by 5:45 am so as not to run over the riders and ruin their day.

Scribes should be ready to go with their vets, and in hold helpers be ready, around 7:30 am.  First riders could be coming between 7:30 am and 8:00 am

Around noon we will need the Top 10 weighing, Card Scanning, and Paperwork teams to step up and get ready.

Also around noon food will be available.  You should have a meal ticket from me.  When you go to eat, please be sure to have someone covering your job while you eat.  Find me, or ask someone close by.