NYA Volunteers 2020

Empty spaces need to be filled, an x in front of the name means that person has confirmed.  If you are interested in being a volunteer for our ride, PLEASE, do not hesitate to give me an email dodie@newpromisefarms.com or a text 610-587-3626.

WE LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS!  We will feed you all Saturday and Sunday and pay your camping fees for Friday through Monday!  Bring your horse and enjoy the trails on Friday and Saturday.

Trail Master x Jim at the campground
Master check point, day
On trail check point 1  x Joan Waldron
Horse ambulance x Dan Gruen
Drag rider Blue Loop 18 miles  x Sherrie Ivanov
Master Check Point, evening
IN HOLD DAY 1) x Lorraine Faucette
HELPERS 2) x Eva Norris
3) x Karen Williams
IN HOLD EVENING 1) x Judy Guske
HELPERS 2) x Brenda Arcangeli
3) x Nicole Neville (Brenda daughter)
Photographer x Mike Turner
CHECK IN x Dodie Sable
Check-in helper x Eva Norris
Check In helper
Head Timer
Timer helper 1 x Ralph Hewit
Timer helper 2
Timer gopher
Head P/R x Robin Hewit
P/R  – sheet/time control x Wendy Soucy
P/R Sheet Runner x Heidi
Vet 1 x Nick Kohut
Scribe x Terry Emmitt
Vet 2 x Art King
Scribe x Carolyn Blocker
Vet 3 x Maureen Fehrs
Scribe x Louise Clarino (Mary’s friend)
Vet Gophers/Hold Help
Vet Gophers/Hold Help
Paperwork scanning
Treatment Vet x Brenda Armstrong
Treatment Vet Helper x Leah Schumacher
VET ON CALL x Leatherstocking Vet Clinic
Farrier x Jeff Walker