NYA Volunteers 2021

DUE TO COVID RESTRICTIONS IN 2021 … we will be running a skeleton crew of 15 or less and 65 or less entries.  I apologize in advance as I love to have every possible scenario covered.  Also, we have lost one vet and I cannot find a replacement.  We will only have a 30/50 endurance and a 12/18/30 Ride-N-Tie in 2021.

Empty spaces need to be filled, an x in front of the name means that person has confirmed.  If you are interested in being a volunteer for our ride, PLEASE, do not hesitate to give me an email dodie@newpromisefarms.com or a text 610-587-3626.

WE LOVE OUR VOLUNTEERS!  We will feed you Sunday lunch (pizza and soda/water) and pay your camping fees for Friday through Monday!  Bring your horse and enjoy the trails on Friday and Saturday. COVID LIMITED TO 24 volunteers this year.

Trail Master x Jim at the campground
On trail check point 1  x Joan Waldron
Horse ambulance x Dan Gruen
Drag rider Outer Loop  x Sherrie Ivanov
Night drag rider  not needed in 2021
IN HOLD DAY 1) x Lorraine Faucette
HELPERS 2) x Eva Norris
3) x Karen Williams
 CHECK IN  1) x Dodie Sable
 2) x Eva Norris
 TIMERS  1) x Ralph Hewit
.  2) x Brenda Arcangeli
Photographer  (Do you know a Photographer?)
P/R CREW x Robin Hewit
P/R SHEET CONTROL  x Wendy Soucy
Vet 1 x Nick Kohut
Vet 1 Scribe x Terry Emmitt
Vet 2 x Maureen Fehrs
Vet 2 Scribe x Louise Clarino
Vet 3 T. B. D.
Vet 3 Scribe x Carolyn Blocker
Vet Gophers (need one vet gopher)
Paperwork scanner  x Leah Schumacher
Treatment vet x Brenda Armstrong
Treatment vet helper  not this year, skeleton crew
Vet on call  x Leatherstocking Vet Clinic
FARRIER  x Jeff Walker (on call, not on site)