Chesapeake Spring 25 – 2021

Well, first competition I have done since 2019 due to COVID-19 shutting down the entire country and all it’s wonderful events everywhere, for everyone in 2020.  What a bunch of nonsense.

Anyway, during 2020 I had the opportunity to pick up Shae, a very experienced 100 mile endurance horse.  She had some lameness issues and was sold to a fella in Maryland. She didn’t do much for 16 months, just sat around in a pasture. Her new owner decided to move back to Texas and didn’t want to take her, so I was granted an opportunity.

I had two months to bring her conditioning back up.  I took it slow and did notice once or twice after a conditioning ride that she would take a few off steps at the trot when turned loose in the pasture.  This disturbed me a bit.

I took her to this ride and found that she is an amazing competitor.  Quiet to compete with no silliness or race brain.  I had the most fun.  Honestly, she’s is comfortable to ride and there was no nonsense.  I love it.

Sadly, at the end oft he ride, although we did complete, we were at a Level 2 Lameness with intermittent offness at the trot.  After getting back to the trailer, we did some flexion testing and her right front leg is definitely disturbed.  I suspect one of the digital flexor tendons.  When they were palped, she was very sensitive and when we did a flex test, she could barely walk immediately afterwards.  She did walk it off and then trotted mostly sound with some minor head bobbling.

I have a hard decision to make now.  Do I take her to a specialty vet and see if it can be repaired, do I let her rest up a bit and see if it was a fluke injury we did at this ride, or do I move her on.  If the injury is permanent, she could be a brood mare.  Although she is not registered, she has a very talented career record in endurance and could produce some excellent endurance horses in her future.

And me?  Well, the ride was fantastic.  I felt great all day.  The day after I still feel great.  This photo at the halfway vet check.