The Infamous Dodie Sable

So, New Promise Farms (as a stable) lost their fifteen year leasing privileges in 2011 and the business died … but Dodie Sable will live on forever (chuckle).  Okay, after someone reads this, I’m sure to find myself the victim of a mad stalker out to prove me wrong.  But in all fairness, I had to let everyone know that I am still involved with horses, still ready to rock-n-roll at the Endurance Competitions and I fully expect people to follow my stories in 2016.

Some changes are for the best. Although I am no longer operating a massive full Equine Services stable, I am still involved in horses (until the day I die!)  I have had a change in breeds, however, after 24 years of owning, breeding and riding Appaloosas, I am now an Arabian convert (oh my) and have four lovely  horses to  prove it!

If you don’t know me, I have written a book which is very popular among the Endurance crowd.  Imagine my surprise when I sold over 1000 copies in the first two years.  TO FINISH IS TO WIN can be purchased at Borders or


Obviously, lots of things have changed in my life since this ad was done by my publishing company.  The book, however, is still just as funny!  I am no longer a consultant, I no longer have a boarding and training facility and I only own one Appaloosa, and she is an Araloosa – granddaughter to my famous stallion, WL’s Prince Sarke.

My second book, a sequel to the above book, was released October 7, 2014.  I am told by my fan club that it is just as funny as the first book, with some twists of plot thrown in for good measure.

ad_bw_061114I believe you’ll find my life has taken several twists and turns in the seven years since the first book was written, but the hysterical nonsense and mis-adventures are still the same!  THANKS FOR VISITING MY WEBSITE!