NACMO 2020 Awards

As we are in a COVID-19 pandemic (during 2020 and now into 2021) and we cannot gather together to celebrate our NACMO members and their achievements in 2020, I have set up this webpage to show off the awards that are being sent out to members.

NACMO, the national organization, decided that only Regional Awards and National Milestone Awards would be presented this year.  Many regions were unable to compete at all in 2020 as their states were on 100% lockdown and no rides were allowed.  We were pretty lucky here in the NJ.PA.MD CMO Region, as we were able to setup COVID-19 guidelines and compete safely with no contact.

We had 21 members who paid their membership and competed in 2020.  They will ALL be receiving an award for being brave and coming out to ride in a pandemic. I truly appreciate each and every one of these riders.

Below are our 2020 members, the points they earned in 2020, and awards they will receive.

  • 78, Jen Stoudt (High Point Rider and RIO earned 400 points, Top Mentor)
  • 62, Sara Strouse (High Point Junior)
  • 46, LeeAnne Einsel (earned 150 points and her Jack earned 200 points)
  • 46, Lindsay Kearns (first time Ride Manager)
  • 44, Dodie Sable (earned 10 Ride Manager points, Mentor)
  • 30, Erin McCardell (first time Ride Manager)
  • 24, Theone Thayer (Runner Up Junior)
  • 17, Wendy Beam (first time Ride Manager)
  • 17, Isabell Beam (youngest junior, aged 6)
  • 16, Mechele Albright (first time Ride Manager)
  • 16, Marina Long
  • 16, Pam Shealer
  • 16, Darrell Thayer
  • 15, Scott Arndt
  • 15, Marie Brady (Mentor)
  • 14, Lara Bayles (first time Ride Manager)
  • 14, Deb Campalone
  • 14, Pamela Ritter (volunteer Ride Manager)
  • 08, Janet Citron (earned 750 points)
  • 01, Janice MacKensie (Mentor)

Then we had some Team Awards:

FOUR HORSEMEN:  (LeeAnne Einsel, Jen Stoudt, Sara Strouse) High Point Long Course, and they actually did manage to do five rides in 2020 (which was really difficult with all the COVID shutdowns and regulations)

SHRIDE: (Scott Arndt, Marie Brady, Janet Citron) High Point Short Course with two rides under their saddles.

Below are photos of all the awards that are being mailed out:

Our special thanks to all the ride managers that braved the COVID-19 Pandemic to put on a ride in 2020.