BoS Meeting June 5, 2017

There were 57 people in attendance at the meeting (THANK YOU!).

First item on the agenda was for the Board to hold an official Hearing. This was to pass the Zoning Ordinance Amendment. (Public Notice on April 10th 2017) Dan Becker, Solicitor reviewed the changes as proposed and the Board passed it unanimously. In short, they have removed the ability to have any kind of warehousing or storage in a commercially zoned district *AND* Warehousing in the industrial zoned districts are subject to Section 503.34 (Special Exception).

YAY for our Township!

There was nothing new from the Crossroads X Warehouse Project and their extension is valid through July 31, 2017. The owners of the property were in attendance at the meeting.

They had reviewed the three website propsals and have chosen to go with NE Studio to update and keep current the Greenwich Township website. YAY! We should see an updated website very shortly with information posted on a regular basis.

Due to the contradictory nature of the Ambulance propsals, the BoS has decided to forward the two submitted proposals to Berks County (Mr. Godshall) for review and advice on how to proceed.

DEP has approached the Township about putting into place a 537 plan for sewage control. This matter was discussed intensively with the residents in attendance. Basically, DEP wants a plan put into place (example, could be something as simple as residents have to empty their septic systems once every 3 years or could be something as extensive as annual testing and fining for failing systems.) The Township has been resistant to putting a plan in place as the costs are high, in the 6 figures, to design and implement a 537 plan. The township offered DEP to attend this public meeting and DEP refused.

Which brought up the question. Greenwich Residents requested a public meeting with DEP regarding the parcel of land proposed for Crossroads X. Dan Becker states that getting DEP to give us a public meeting is highly unlikely.

The BoS retired to chambers to discuss financial matters before the meeting concluded.

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  1. This farm has changed hands multiple times since you left. Currently there is a proclaimed trainer/ farrier leasing the property yet the only animals there are his personal 4. He is known for taking horses for 90 days training and returning them with the same behaviors they came in with as well as major weight loss. He and his partner drink and are drunk frequently on the premises as well as drug use on the property. The police have been there multiple times for various reasons. His now partner knows absolutely nothing about horses and is afraid of them. They do offer full care boarding but your horses will only be fed on occasion when the drunken stupor wears off. Stay away from this facility it is bad news.

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