New Promise Farms LLC

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But it’s not about the business!  It’s about the FUN!  It’s always about the fun in my world.  If it’s not entertaining, then why bother.  That is my life motto.

And boy, can I find entertainment in the strangest places.

My BLOGS about the Crossroads X Project are boring, but they are a big part of my life right now.  This project directly affects the residents in Greenwich Twp, specifically those living in Krumsville (like me) so I have become involved.  A warehouse in Fogelsville isn’t entertaining, so I don’t bother.  A warehouse in my backyard, HOWEVER, is entertaining so I have jumped in with both feet.

My Endurance Riding stories (on the other hand) are not boring.  In fact, most of them contain a minimum of one, but usually more, misadventures.  So read them and have some fun at my expense.

And look for me on Facebook because I always have something fun going on there, every day!


1 thought on “New Promise Farms LLC

  1. This farm has changed hands multiple times since you left. Currently there is a proclaimed trainer/ farrier leasing the property yet the only animals there are his personal 4. He is known for taking horses for 90 days training and returning them with the same behaviors they came in with as well as major weight loss. He and his partner drink and are drunk frequently on the premises as well as drug use on the property. The police have been there multiple times for various reasons. His now partner knows absolutely nothing about horses and is afraid of them. They do offer full care boarding but your horses will only be fed on occasion when the drunken stupor wears off. Stay away from this facility it is bad news.

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