What can we do now?

Just because something “CAN” be done, does not mean it “SHOULD” be done.  I am still working on your behalf, fighting the warehouse project…fear not!

The Nov 6th BoS meeting went very well (and relatively quietly, residents were very restrained!)

I spent a cold day the next day (November 7th) at the Greenwich Township building talking to people coming to vote at the polls. The temperatures started in the mid 40’s and slowly dropped all day as the snow came in, with a strong wind behind it. It changed to rain and the temperatures held fast at 38 for the rest of the day with a stiff breeze pushing a mist on us under our canopy.

I met a lot of people who were supporting us in our efforts to stop the warehouse. I shook a lot of hands. I had wonderful conversations with Joyce Dietrich and Dean Spohn, who were also spending the blustery, snowy, rainy day at the building.


Going forward I will not allow anyone to talk down to Joyce at a meeting.  This woman, whom I have no idea how old she is, but she is up there in age and she’s not healthy, sat in a chair, with a voting board, to talk to all the voters on several issues up for vote. She smiled all day, even when her face was so cold she couldn’t barely move it. She answered questions. And she did it all without a single word of complaint.  NOT ONE WORD!

I am glad that Dean Spohn has won the election and will be sitting in the chair currently held by Harry for the next six years.  Dean had a lot of knowledge about our township and its issues. He ran for this position for all the right reasons. He will make a strong voice for the residents and we need to use that voice so that we are heard on any issue that may arise in the future.

While I am sad that I did not win the two year seat, I do know more about Alice now than I did prior to the election.  I can now become more involved in Greenwich Township on this side of the table, the residents can learn more about me, and I can run for that position again in two years.  Hopefully, it will mean I have more support from the community and I can do a proper campaign. As you know, I ran at last minute (literally 30 days before the election, urged by my fan club, I presented myself as a write-in candidate.)

The Board of Supervisors meeting on November 6 went very well. (click this link) After eight months of us beating on the BoS and PC with documentation, studies and ordinance review, they finally balled-up and paided attention.  Our attorney’s had conversations with their attorney and the information we had been uncovering by our engineers was brought to the table, outside of their engineers. (Note, I stand firm. Keystone Consulting Engineering has to go. They are not doing the job they are hired to do … unless the township hired them to “look” incompetent, to throw the developer off their game. ???)

We still have a lot of work to do.  It is not over. We are doing all we can to stop it.  Our attorney’s are working hard for us. They have attended the last two Board of Supervisors meeting and they have been developing a strong strategy for going forward should the BoS vote “yes” on the preliminary plans.

And we still need to pay them, so if you have not donated funds, please please please consider sending me a donation towards their fees.



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