Keystone Consulting Engineers

In all my days on this planet, most of those spent being ignorant and uneducated of the whole world happening in my backyard, Greenwich Township, I have never run across anyone (other than the weather forecasters) that have performed at such poor levels, with laughable incompetence, and still retained their job.

Keystone Consulting Engineers.

Over the past eight months, we (the concerned residents of Greenwich Township) have watched them as they miss ordinance after ordinance in which they could have battled the proposed warehouse project.

We (the concerned residents) obtained outside engineering firms to review.

We (the concerned residents) obtained attorney’s specializing in the municipality law to review the findings of those engineers and present it at the meetings.

We sat in the audience and watched as Keystone’s representative, Chris Noll blew off the data and documents and studies as ” this is utter nonsense” (his words, not mine).

We cried as KCE agreed with the developer on several points about legal use of the land, traffic impact studies, emergency access roads, etc.

At the end of the day, at the Board of Supervisors meeting on November 6th, 2017, our attorney Stephen Price. Our engineering consultant from LTL, John Weber, and our small group of concerned citizens pushed our findings in front of the board and we were heard.

While KCE sat back and looked bored.  They didn’t engage in the conversation.  At one point our township solicitor asked Christ Noll for confirmation on an point he was speaking on and Chris, in his haze of thinking about “who knows what” look startled, stammered as he tried to catch up to the conversation and then answered with, “I am not sure”.

Well Chris, if you had been paying attention to what Dan was speaking about, you may have known.  John Weber from LTL answered that question for Dan.

They need to be fired!  I am on that path.  We have started building a case against them to present to the township demanding they be let go and another firm hired in their place.