2016 Endurance Schedule

In 2015 I went through five (yes – 5!) saddles trying to find one to fit me and Miss Daizy.  I am still working through the saddle issues as I start this story for 2016.  (went through 3 more in 2016) After spending thousands of dollars, I have put Miss Daizy back into her Barefoot Cheyenne treeless saddle and I’m going to spend more money to buy a second one as a backup.

And Miss Daizy has been going through some Chiropractic sessions to correct *HER* crookedness.  I realized after riding Steel 75 miles at Mustang in 2015, that I am not the one that is crooked, it is Miss Daizy and sure enough, a vet visit confirmed her back issues.

New saddle, Podium.  Rode two days at Muckleratz and got Grand Champion on the second day.  I really like this saddle, it does not cause me back pain.  So I decided to go to Iron Mtn Jubilee and test it out on a 50 mile ride.  Read the story, more back issues for Miss Daizy.  I have decided to sell Miss Daizy to a LW or FW rider.

March Rabbit Run 50 END 12th Daizy150 Steel 90
April No Frills 55 END  23rd/pull  Daizy88 Steel .0
May NEATO  50 END  pull/10th  Daizy.0 Steel 90
July Muckleratz CTR 50  Grand Champion  Daizy
August Iron Mtn Jubilee II  50 END  25th/26th  Daizy80 Steel 50
September  Chesapeake CTR 30  P/F miles  Steel
October  Mustang  50 END  Daizy0 Steel 0
 October  Jersey Devil  25 CTR
 November  JD’s Carolina  100???