MUCKLERATZ CTR July 27 & 28 2013

Ride story, A Secretary’s Perspective

Ride story, A Horse’s Perspective

Pictures at water stop, By Ralph Brandt

Ride pictures, By Allison Theurer

WHEN:  Saturday and Sunday, July 27 & 28, 2013 

WHERE:  Weiser State Forest, Halifax, PA

WHAT:  The Muckleratz Run is an ECTRA sanctioned competitive trail ride with (2) 25 mile and (1) two-day 50 rides to be held in Weiser State Forest in an area known to the locals as Muckleratz.  We are also offering a CDR Clinic of 12.5 miles on each day.  The ride site is located near Elizabethville, PA, just 45 minutes north of Harrisburg. 

There are two stories about where the name Muckleratz came from.  One is that it is a Pennsylvania Dutch word meaning “a place so quiet you can sleep like a log.”  The other involves a farmer named Muckle and the large overgrown rats that ran on his farm.  During the depression when nearby residents could not afford to do anything else, they would drive by the farm to see Mr. Muckle’s rats. 

RULES:  As an ECTRA sanctioned ride we will follow ECTRA rules which are available at  Horses must be at least 48 months old on the date of the ride for the 25 mile and 60 months old for the 2-day 50.  All riders must wear ASTM approved hard hats at any time they are mounted, and no bare back riding is allowed.  All dogs must be leashed and confined when left alone.

FACILITIES:  The base camp is Camp Muckleratz, a hunting camp with over 10 acres of open field for parking and camping with a lodge and kitchen, bunkhouse with a wash room with running water but no showers, outside primitive bathrooms, and two picnic pavilions.  NEW this year we will have porta-potties, a step up from the primitive “bathrooms.”  There is running water outside the lodge, but if possible please bring water with you for your use.  You must clean your camp site before you leave and haul everything out with you.  The camp will be available for the weekend starting Friday at 3 pm.  The bunk house will be available for volunteers.

THE RIDE:  The 25 mile rides on Saturday and Sunday will be two 12.5 mile loops.  The two day 50 will follow the same loops as the 25.  The CDR will be on this same 12.5 mile loop.  We will offer an elevator!  If you ride on Saturday and believe you can elevate to the 2-day 50 mile ride, pay the additional fee and ride the next day. *NOTE* Elevated riders must complete both days to earn a completion.Due to our contract with the state forest, we must limit the three rides to a total of 100 riders.  Entries over 100 will be placed on a waiting list. 

Section of Muckleratz trail, photo compliments of Sherry Ann Githens

Section of Muckleratz trail, photo compliments of Sherry Ann Githens

THE TRAIL: consists primarily of state forest snow mobile trails which are closed to vehicles.  Some are gravel but the rest are grass and moss covered.  There are several short stretches that will be along or crossing gravel roads that are open to vehicles.  There may be some single track trails.  The first mile and a half is pretty much up; and the last mile and a half is down.  There are some short steep stretches and some rocky stretches.  But even in the climb and the descent there are good places to make time.  The nine miles in between are mostly gentle climbs and descents with lots of long flat stretches to make good time.  The trail is easy to follow and is not rough, but shoes are recommended.  There is no natural water available on the trails so we will haul water in to at least three locations.  The state forest is also popular with mountain bikers so please watch out for them and be courteous.  This is a carry in, carry out forest so please do not litter.  Receptacles will be available at the water stops for anything you need to throw away. 

Directions:  From Interstate 81 at Harrisburg take 322 west 11.3 miles to State Highway 147.  Take 147 north for 6.4 miles to the first red light you come to and turn left at the light.  Follow 225 for 9.3 miles.  At the Weiser State Forest sign turn right on Mountain House Road.  Go .6 miles and make the first left onto Dietrich Road.  Go .6 miles to the stop sign and turn right.  Go .9 miles to the Y and bear right on White Oak Road into Weiser State Forest.  Go .6 miles to the first left and turn into Muckleratz Run.

                From the Intersection of State Route 209 and 225 in Elizabethville.  Take State Highway 225 south 1.4 miles over the mountain.  At the Weiser State Forest sign turn left onto Mountain House Road.  Go .6 miles and make the first left onto Dietrich Road.  Go .6 miles to the stop sign and turn right.  Go .9 miles to the Y and bear right on White Oak Road into Weiser State Forest.  Go .6 miles to the first left and turn into Muckleratz Run.

The Help: 

Ride manager:                      Cate Peloquin / 410-652-3454 /

Secretary:                        Dodie Sable / 610.587.3626 /

Vet Judge:                        Dr. Nick Kohut

Lay Judge:                        Donna Shrader

Timer:                               Buck Shrader

Trail Manager:                    Jim Theurer  (717) 433-8694,

Trail Assistants:                 Local Ham Radio Club

Snack Assistants:              Local 4H Club & Dauphin County Animal Response Team

Photographer:                    Allison Theurer

Vendors on site!

           Mary Coleman “Country Aire Farm”


On call vet will be available *On call farrier will be available*

*******You are responsible for costs of all services for the on call vet or farrier.


WE HAVE SEVERAL PEOPLE OFFERING HORSES FOR THIS RIDE … Please contact Dodie for more information if you’d like to ride on someone else’s horse.

Ride Schedule:


                                3:00 pm to 7:00 pm:  Rider arrival/check in for the Saturday 25 and the two day 50

                                4:00 pm to 7:00 pm:  Pre-ride judging

                                6:00 pm to 8:00 pm:  No frills get together and eat (bring your meal)

                                8:00 pm:  Pre-ride meeting


                                5:00 am wake up call,   coffee and donuts

                                7:00 am Ride Start

                At the conclusion of the Saturday ride: pre-ride judging for Sunday and Awards and         brown bag lunch for Saturday riders.  

                2:00 pm to 7:00 pm: Rider arrival/check in for the Sunday ride

                6:00 pm to 8:00 pm:  Picnic supper

                8:00 pm: Pre-ride meeting


                5:00 am wake up call, coffee and donuts

                7:00 am  Ride Start

                At the conclusion of the Sunday ride:  Brown bag lunch and Awards

Ride Sponsors: (sponsorship donations of $50 for ride prizes)

                FOSH Gaited Sport Horse

               Tractor Supply

Standard Awards (both days 25 miles) (Sunday 50 miles): Grand Champion, Reserve Champion, ribbons and prizes for top ten riders.  Everyone who completes the ride receives a completion award.

CDR Awards (both days 12.5 miles):  Pass/Fail only and a completion award.

SPECIAL Awards (sponsored by): If you would like to sponsor one of these awards, please circle and place your name and amount/or prize to give out on the line below.  Watch the website to see if the Special Award is available.