Shadow Trailer Fiasco

Honestly, I try to give everyone the benefit of doubt, work with them through issues, and get everyone to an acceptable conclusion.  I have had the absolute worst experience with Shadow trailer, right from day 7 of purchasing the 2020 weekender 2H trailer.

It was purchased during COVID.  I wanted to upgrade my trailer for a long time and with COVID having everything shut down, it was a perfect time ot spend my money (chuckle)  I looked online for a 2H GN living quarter trailer for two months.  Nothing was being manufacturered and I didn’t want a used one.  I had already had my fill of used trailer issues (anad so had my husband, as he always has to fix the issues)

So, finally after some time of trying to find one, I decided to go with a Shadow that was located in MD.  I will be honest.  I had read several very poor reviews about the quality of the Shadow trailer.  But, as a business owner, I know that you only hear the bad stories and never the good stories, so I went on and started negotiations with the dealer, Ken at Kingdom Horse Trailers.