Crazy Daizy #0632796

Crazy Daizy AHA #0632796  SOLD!  This was the best horse I ever owned (after Shark!)  I miss her terribly but I was too heavy for her so needed to find her a lighter rider.

081614My little pony, I call her Miss Daizy.  She arrived to live with me in October 2012 (Happy Birthday To Me!) and she is my miracle $200 horsie.  She stands a whopping 14.1 hands with a 18 hand trot.  She is remarkable.

We completed the Bunny Hop 25 mile CTR as her first official competition.  She did marvelously.  WAY better than I expected.  Winter 2012/2013 conditioning was on and off due to my back and neck injuries.  Some days I could ride, some days I could not.  She finished 3rd overall with a score of 99.0.

Her second competition was to be The Cheshire ride but she got a HUGE wound on her leg a week before and we could not make it.  Pictures of her wound here.

The Lick Ridge Challenge, a 25 mile CTR was her next ride, complete with a healing boo-boo on her leg.  She not only completed in high points but she had a lot of horse left over after the ride.  That excites me as I want to get into doing 50’s with her next year.

In June 2013 my back went completely out and I was crippled through November 2013.  I had other people riding her to keep her on track with her conditioning and training at the competitions.  She did remarkable with strange riders.  She completed two 2-day 50 mile rides with high scores.  She is an incredible competitor, easy going and likes her job.

She has a lot of “attitude” on the ground and if you can just get past that, her riding skills are bar-none!

  • She is difficult to catch in the pasture.
  • She is boss mare in the pasture.
  • She does not like to be saddled

To ride her, she is as close to the perfect trail horse as you can get without writing a fantasy story.  She goes down the trail with her head up, ears forward, no spook, no buck, no rear and will go over anything.  She rides on the buckle in a flat non-mechanical hackamore (see above photo).  Never races out of your hands, never fights the rider, and will travel at a lovely 9 to 10 mph trot while you snooze.  Very comfortable to ride, too!

You can see her Accomplishments on this page, click the link.  And some comparison pictures at this link.

At the Chesapeake Spring 2014, she accomplished something in the start of her second year of competition that I have never accomplished in 15 years of competition.  She was Grand Champion of the ride with a score of 99.0

Chesapeake Spring 2014 - GRAND CHAMPION

Chesapeake Spring 2014 – GRAND CHAMPION

She has achieved another first for me – RESERVE CHAMPION at the Brookfield 30 mile CTR.

Brookfield Finish, 30 mile CTR.

Brookfield Finish, 30 mile CTR.

And with all her go-go energizer bunny enthusiasm, she has now put me back into endurance after 4 years being out with injuries.  We completed the Big Loop Boogie 50 mile endurance ride in August 2014.  We got another Grand Championship at Chesapeake 3-day 80 mile CTR and we finished the year in 12th place at Mustang Memorial.  This little mare ROCKS!