Sadly, the COVID-19 Pandemic is still a concern for 2021.  Gathering in large groups is only allowed if we are masked.  We will have a ride meeting, Saturday May 29th at 6:30 pm.  MASKS ARE MANDATORY to attend this meeting.

We will not be having any meals together, PURE COUNTRY CAMPGROUND in New Berlin, NY … The Campground will have take-away meals available

  • Saturday evening (Pasta $10)
  • Sunday lunch (1/2 Chicken meal $13)

This is a No Frills Ride this year.  I am so sorry about that.  Payment for the meal is directly to the campground.

If you have questions on the ride meeting notes, please call, text or email me dodie@newpromisefarms.com for clarification 610-587-3626 or on the weekend of 5/28 to 5/30 of the ride  dodiesable@gmail.com.

  1. PLEASE KEEP US ALL SAFE!!!  Take your temperature before leaving home.  If you have a temperature of 99 or higher, STAY HOME.  If you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or have any of the common symptoms, STAY HOME.  If you had COVID-19 within the past 30 days, STAY HOME.  If you sent your entry and find you cannot attend due to the virus, we will refund your entry fee per the ride entry refund policy.
  2. We are limited by NYDEC and AERC to the number of people allowed in the event.  We are at our maximum.  if you bring family or friends with you, they must remain in your camp during the event 5:30 am until 6:30 pm Sunday May 30th.
  3. If you cannot ride without a crew, please do not enter this year and allow that spot for someone else to come and enjoy our event.  I will have people in the hold area to help crew you!!!
  4. ALL RIDERS MUST PAY THE CAMPGROUND DIRECTLY.  We are holding a campsite clean-up deposit check.  You will receive that back after your campsite is inspected before you leave.  If you do not have your campsite inspected, you forgo the deposit and it will be cashed.
  5. We have a farrier available on call Saturday and on site Sunday.  ALL FARRIER FEES ARE PAID TO JEFF WALKER DIRECTLY.
  6. We have a treatment vet on site Saturday and Sunday.  ALL TREATMENT FEES ARE PAID TO BRENDA ARMSTRONG DIRECTLY.

Welcome to 2021, our fifth year of offering this endurance ride in the NorthEast.  We are also offering two Ride-n-Tie distances so allow me the opportunity to review some DOs and DON’Ts regarding these competitors.

  1. If you see a horse tied to a tree on trail, please do not disturb that horse, he is waiting on a runner to come and find him.  He knows his job and will be fine!
  2. Runners on the trail are not to be run over (chuckle).  Please keep distance from them until you can safely pass.
  3. If you see a horse running down trail without a rider, this is a problem (oops).  Please try to catch said horse and contact Jim or Dodie.
  4. Ride-N-Tie riders/horses have a different vetting procedure.  When they arrive in camp, they will go to the front of the vetting line.  Please be aware of that and do not be upset that they cut in front of you.
  5. All Ride-n-Tie horses will wear a letter instead of a number so you know who they are.


  1. Generators are to be turned off at 10:00 pm and can be turned back on at 5:00 am
  2. Your camping site must be completely cleaned when you leave or we will not return your camp deposit.  We will use it to pay someone to do your job.
  3. Manure is to be piled at the designated spots throughout the camp.  Look for the signs
  4. Crewing area is behind the campground hall building.  Stay within the perimeters and keep your area cleaned.

Your ride entry included the COVID-19 restrictions imposed upon us by the State of New York and AERC. Read it again at this link. NYA 2021 ENTRY FORM Social distancing is still a requirement, not a suggestion.

  1. Masks are to be worn in the vetting area.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you cannot wear a mask due to health concerns, personal decisions on masking,  or other reasons,  you should not enter this ride this year. If you forgot your mask, a mask will be available at the entrance to the vetting area.
  2. Large indoor gatherings are discouraged by the state of New York. Please do not hang out in the campground building. Go in, take your shower, use the bathroom and promptly leave when finished.  THANK YOU!
  3. You will not be keeping your ride card this year.  The vets and scribes will take very good care of your card! Be sure to clearly state your number/letter when coming into the vetting area so the card manager can get the correct card to the scribe for you.


  • There are “ONE WAY” signs everywhere for getting into, and out of, the vetting area.
  • The vets will be keeping your card throughout the ride. We will give them to you after the ride, along with your completion prize.
  • Start of the ride is at the campground check in house (timing tent), there is a sign that says “START”
  • Finish for the “TOP 10” 50 mile riders is at the top of the driveway.  All other riders finish at the timing tent.
  • All  holds are in base camp and are 45 minutes each.  50 mile riders have two holds.  30 mile riders have one hold.
  • Hold pulse is 64, tack and leg protection removed.
  • 50 mile riders have 12 hours to complete the course and have final pulse.
  • 30 mile riders have 7 hours and 15 minutes to complete the course.  The ride time stops when the horse pulse reaches 60 at the end of the ride.
  • Any horse that is pulled during the ride must go see the treatment vet to be released.
  • All treatment fees must be paid to the treatment vet prior to leaving camp.
  • When you come off trail, you will get a “TIMER TICKET” from the timing tent and take that with you to the vetting area.  Do not worry that there is a line, the person taking your timer ticket will write down your time in hold.
  • The vets will be doing your pulse.  The person taking your timer ticket will be giving the vet your vet card.  PAY ATTENTION when you come into the hold.  Stay 10 feet from the horse waiting ahead of you.
  • You will be told your out time and your timer ticket will be sent back to the timer.  You do not need to go see the timer after being vetted.


If you have questions about the trail, please call Jim at the campground directly.  607-847-9265

  • 50 mile riders:  20 mile blue loop, then 18 mile red loop, then 12 mile pink loop.
  • 30 mile riders: 18 mile red loop then 12 mile pink loop
  • Ride N Tie 30 miles: 12 mile pink loop, then 18 mile red loop
  • Ride N Tie 12 miles: 12 mile pink loop

Trail maps are on this website. Please click this link and print out the maps for your ride.  All loops are marked with ribbons on your right hand side.  If you are following ribbons on your left hand side, you are going the wrong direction (oops!)

Turns are marked by a trail color ribbon plus a white ribbon.  When you make the turn, you will see a confidence marker within visual range.  If you do NOT see a visual confidence marker, you have not made the turn correctly, go back and redo your turn.  Many of the single track trails have junctions of three or more trails so be aware!!!

There will be trail spotters out there.  When you come up on them, please give your rider number clearly and put your mask on until you have passed by 10 feet.

There is tons of natural water on trail, even during a dry spell.  We also will put out a water tank on the way back into base camp so you can hydrate you horse before you get in.  Please do not use tanks for sponging.  There will be buckets there for sponging.

FARRIER:  We highly recommend shoes or boots as the trail is stoned service road in places and can be rocky up on the ridges.  If it has been raining leading up to the ride date, there will be lots of shoe/boot sucking mud.  Make sure your horses are freshly shod.  We will have a farrier on call, but not on site as COVID limits us to how many people can be on the grounds.

TREATMENT VET:  All horses that are pulled, even Rider Option, must see the Treatment Vet as a courtesy (no cost) before being released to leave the grounds.  If  your horse needs treatment, the vet is to be paid before you leave the grounds.


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