NYA Loop Maps 2021

There are three loops : Click loop color to see map.

NOTE!  You  must print out your maps and bring with you to the ride.  We will not be giving out maps to keep contact with you at a minimum.  Loop colors/mileage could change, so print the map the day before you come to the ride. ALL_TRAILS_MAP

20 mile BLUE LOOP map_20_mile_2021

  • 50 mile first loop

18 mile RED LOOP map_18_mile_2021

  • 30 mile first loop
  • 50 mile second loop
  • Ride-N-Tie 30 mile second loop

12 mile PINK LOOP map_12_mile_2021

  • 30 mile second loop
  • 50 mile third loop
  • Ride-N-Tie 12 miles
  • Ride-N-Tie 30 mile first loop