2019 Ride Schedule

I was going to be brave this year! Someone once told me that the hardest part of doing a one day 100 mile ride was sending in the entry.  I was prepared, had my ride schedule all worked out to get the maximum conditioned for me and Penny to go to Ohio and do 100 miles.


So, many of you know that my ride season did NOT go as planned.  I started out the year with a bang and it was all down hill from there.

I injured my knee, and as of November it is still not 100%.

And Penny decided at Muckleratz that she now knows everything about endurance riding so she doesn’t need me to tell her what to do. ANd because I was injured and not able to ride her (the right way) she didn’t get to learn that I actually know far more than she does.  I send her out at the end of the season with Daryl Downs to keep her going for Decade Horse … but now I feel I have to start all over with her and my body is falling apart.




  1. 3/23 Rabbit Run 30 mile LD (finished 7th out of 36)
  2. 3/25 Bunny Hop 25 mile CTR (finished Grand Champion)


  1. 4/20 No Frills 50 mile END – Freezing rain, did not go.


  1. 5/10-11-12 NJ100 – 3 days = 100 miles –  got though 25 miles and my back seized up.
  2. 5/26 New York Adventure (I host this ride)

JUNE ..  Back out all month.


  1. 07/07 Muckleratz 50 mile – started the ride and blew my knee after Penny decided she was a freight train.  I had to RO

AUGUST …  Knee is a total mess


  1. 09-07 Hector Half Hundred – got through the first two loops.  My knee was screaming, I was crying and Penny was doing really well.  maybe a little faster than I wanted to go but her recoveries were good.  I had to RO


  1. 10-20  Penny goes to Fort Valley with Daryl and comes home finishing the 50 in 9th place.
  2. 10-20  I take Bee to Chesapeake Fall ride and she does marvelously!  4th place


  1. 11-03 I take Bee to  Jersey Devil and she excels again, 2nd place

Maybe in 2020 I will ride the “Grandma Horse”, as Naoma calls her.