Rothrock Fiasco

So, I bought a new truck.  Here’s how THAT went.

We went shopping on Thursday, March 29th.  Saw a truck that mostly fit my needs, but it needed some things to be usable by me.  Namely, a gooseneck hitch and a bed liner.  And some incidentals like mud guards, running boards and rain shields.

We negotiated a deal.  They would include the bedliner, rain shields and mud guards and I would accept $7375 for the trade on my current truck.  I would pay for the parts for the gooseneck setup and they would install it.  They quoted me $297.


And I could keep my truck until they were all finished installing everything on the new truck so I wouldn’t lose any work time (plowing, hauling, etc)

Even better, right?

Well, not so much.  The finance guys had left by the time we had all this negotiated out so we had to come back the next day to finish the paperwork.  No big deal, just a little extra time I wasn’t expecting.  So we signed everything on Friday and they asked for the title to my truck.  Uhm … we are keeping the truck until the new truck is completed.

“Yes, we know that but we need the title to complete the deal.”

Shrug.  What do I know.  Okay, I sign over the title.

I go home skipping in joy.  The truck is awesome, and I can’t wait.  They told me 8 to 10 days for the parts to come in and get installed.  So, I should have the truck back before I need to use it weekend of the 15th.

On Monday, April 2nd, I get an email from PennDOT with the transfer of registration from my truck to the new truck.

Uhm … and same day I receive an email from State Farm stating the insurance has been successfully moved from my truck to the new truck.


I can’t drive my truck now as it is no longer mine and is uninsured.  AND, guess what?  They’re calling for a snow storm by mid week.  how the hell am I going to plow?  If I go out on the roads in an uninsured, non-registered vehicle and get into an accident … oh boy oh boy oh boy.

Tuesday, April 3rd I get an email from my sales rep stating that he did not quote me enough money on the gooseneck hitch.  It’s actually two parts and he only quoted me one part. Marc and I had already discovered that on our own so I was willing to invest the additional $313 for the gooseneck.  Let me stop in and pay for that.

Oh, and by the way, even though we did this deal on the 30th of March, we have not ordered the parts yet.  Nor scheduled the bedliner.



Wednesday, April 4th I get a text from my sales rep.  Oh, I still did not quote you enough money for that gooseneck hitch.  I need $300 more from  you.

F*&^%#$@# YOU DO!

Oh, and can we confirm that you do wan thte 2 5/16th inch ball and not the 3″ ball.   YES!  2 and 5/16th.  It is on the sheet we did when we worked out the deal.

I drive right down there and ask to speak with the manager.  I let him have it with both barrels.  one price, then another price, then a third price and the parts are still not even ordered … and you said it was going to be 8 to 10 days until the parts come in, so here I sit in a truck that isn’t mine, with no truck and


The manager quickly made things financially correct, but could not help me out with the delay other than to give me my new truck now and I would bring it back in when the parts are here.

Well, it is a nice truck and I drove it around for a week.

Wednesday April 11th I get a call from the service department about the installation of parts. Can I drop the truck off for Friday April 13th and then they will have it all finished by Thursday April 19th.

WHAT?????  It takes 6 days to install a gooseneck hitch and spray in a bedliner?  You have got to be kidding me. This is totally unacceptable.  The service manager tells me that they have never done a full install in the shop and they don’t know what they might run into and the spray in bedliner guy is booked up until the following Wednesday so they can’t get the truck in until then.

Because Rothrock didn’t schedule the truck on March 30th, like they should have.

Well, hell.

Okay.  Install the gooseneck and give me the truck back so I can go to my competition and when I get back I’ll bring it in for the bedliner.  SO SET UP A FREAKIN’ APPOINTMENT NOW.

Friday April 13th (It’s Friday the 13th) I pick up my truck tonight.  The ball in the bed looks like a 3″  ball.  I try my trailer on it and guess what, it’s a 3″ ball.  So, I have no truck,. can’t use my trailer and I am ready to scream.  AND, they did not give me an appointment date for the bedliner.  AND, they lost my set of trailer keys off my keychain.

Rothrock is a bunch of freakin’ losers.