NYA 2018 Volunteers

VOLUNTEERS  (all volunteers are fed Saturday and Sunday, get their camping paid by the ride and receive a t-shirt)
Trail Master Dan Gruen
Master check point Shelly Beames
On trail check point 1  William Lovejoy
On trail checkpoint 2  Lily
On trail checkpoint 3  Crystal Lovejoy
Horse ambulance O’Henry Lovejoy
Drag rider Loop 1(20m) Lorraine/Sierra
Drag rider Loop 2(18m) O’Henry Lovejoy
Drag rider Loop 3(12m) Karen Poltynski/Judy Guske
IN HOLD 2) Sarah Strouse
HELPERS 3) Sammie
4) Maya Klinger
5) Nikki Sutliff
6) Jennifer Storey
7) Paula Johnson

Photographer Cheryl Miller
Check-in helper Eva Norris
Secretary Naoma Campbell
 Check-in helper  Lisa Layton
TACK SWAP Mary Coleman
Ride card collector (after)
Parking Manager Jim/Lorraine at the campground
Head Timer Naoma Campbell
Timer helper 1 Adam Link
Timer helper 2 Ralph Hewit
Timer gopher  
Head P/R Robin Hewit
P/R  – sheet/time control Mary Coleman
P/R 2 Carolyn Blocker
P/R 3 Jen Stoudt
P/R 4 Eva Norris
P/R 5 Renee Fisher
P/R 6
P/R Sheet Runner Sai and Stas
Vet 1 Nick Kohut
Scribe Terry Emmitt
Vet 2 Art King
Scribe Lou (Mary’s friend)
Vet 3 Maureen Fehrs
Scribe Dick Wolcott
Vet Gophers/Hold Help  Karen Williams
Treatment Vet Brenda Armstrong
 Setting up Glow Sticks
VET ON CALL Leatherstocking Vet Clinic
Farrier Gerry Rockwell 607.244.9036