Time Line on Project

Let’s review a time line on this project.

November 2014.  Developer approaches the Chairman of the Board for Greenwich Township regarding building a warehouse in Krumsville. There is industrial properties north of the town available. Negotiations are started with the land owner Ken Thompson and the developer posts this information on their website.

November 2015. A letter is sent to Chairman of the Board requesting a meeting about submitting plans to build a warehouse. They are looking for approval before entering into negotiations to purchase the land.

December 2015. Developer posts this information on their website and presents a concept sketch plan to Greenwich Township.

March 2016 – Developer revises sketch plan and updates website advertising adding additional bays and parking lots to the description.

April 2016 – a local Greenwich Township resident Matt Brett asked the Chairman of the Board if a warehouse was being built on Route 737. The Chairman responded that it was a rumor and there were no warehouse plans at this time.

(Read this Reading Eagle article)

July 2016 – Technicon is fired as Greenwich Township Engineers (they remain on until year end to complete any outstanding building permits, zoning issues and subdivisions) and Chris Noll from Keystone Consulting begins.  Sketch plan is officially submitted for engineering review.

August 2016 – Board of Supervisors approves septic testing for the Crossroads X Warehouse project. (WAIT A MINUTE!  Didn’t you just tell us in April there was no warehouse?  Where did this come from?)

September 2016 – Dan Becker denies two Right To Know Requests made by an undisclosed resident to the Greenwich Township Board. (I would be very interested to know how a RTK can be denied, who requested it and what they wanted to know.)

December 2016 – Chris Noll states he will formulate a list of concerns regarding the traffic plan for the Crossroads X Project. At the December 28, 2016 Close-out Year meeting, Chris Noll gave the Chairman of the Board a letter for PennDOT regarding the Crossroads X Warehouse project.  The Board will review the letter and make any necessary changes before sending it to PennDOT.

January 2017 – Board approved the Crossroads X Traffic Study letter to be sent by Chris Noll to PennDOT..

February 2017 – Board approves a time extension for the Crossroads X Warehouse project.  Tom Tamagnone asked about the status of the warehouse project.  Chris Noll responded that it is on going and there are no approvals to date. (NOTE:  Up until February 2017, nowhere in the meeting minutes is it ever mentioned that Keystone Engineering is reviewing the Sketch Plan for Crossroads X Warehouse Project. NOWHERE! I have read all the minutes from 2014 through September 2017… at no time does the minutes reveal that a sketch plan is before the Planning Commission)

March 2017 – property sale is closed between Ken Thompson and Crossroads X, LLC.

March 2017 – Chris Noll announced that the revised sketch plans were received on February 15, 2017 and will be reviewed at the Planning Commission meeting on March 20th. Residents are just now finding out about this warehouse project, and Krumsville gets some signs posted.

NOTE:  The March 20th Planning Commission meeting had over 200 residents in attendance.  It was a free-for-all.  This was when I got involved.

Now that I am invloved, I keep a running commentary on the meetings.  Some meetings have more information than others.  The rest of this story can be read on my other blog. http://newpromisefarms.com/?page_id=3344

September 2016 – A most recent dumb-dumb move by the developer posted here.  Ad for Warehouse that isn’t even approved at this time.