Reading Eagle April 6, 2016

No warehouse planned for Greenwich Township, official says
Wednesday April 6, 2016 12:01 AM
By Karen L. Chandler – Reading Eagle correspondent
Greenwich Township, Pa.

There is nothing to rumors that a warehouse is going to be built at the intersection of Route 737 and Long Lane, Greenwich Township officials said.
“It’s all talk. I want to put it to rest,” supervisors Chairman Victor M. Berger said at Monday’s meeting and added that nothing has been brought before the supervisors regarding a warehouse project.

Berger noted that land development along state roads might bring stringent requirements, including potential road improvements, so building projects in that area could be subject to a long period of approvals.

Resident Donna Wasser said she had observed people who she thought might be doing percolation tests at the property but supervisors said they knew of no such testing.

Kempton Fire Company representative Matt Brett voiced concerns about the burden a warehouse could put on the emergency management systems. He suggested imposing emergency service impact fees to help the township pay for providing fire and ambulance services if the project moves forward.

Solicitor Daniel Becker agreed to research the fees but stated that he was not aware of impact fees being imposed for emergency response services.