BoS Meeting Sept 5, 2017

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, to the 102 people that attended tonights’ meeting in support of the opposition to this Crossroads X Warehouse Project.  Each one of you was a tremendous help tonight.  We presented this information at the meeting.Board of Supervisors meeting 09-05-17rev7pgs

The meeting ran long as the BoS also had information they wished to give us, the community.  In attendance was our township Sewage Enforcement Officer, Allen Madeira. He was very forthcoming about our township board being proactive and insisting on a Hydro Study by PADEP for the warehouse sewage disposal and the impacts on the environment. He advised us to lay low on presenting the well testing we have been doing as we could get the attention of PADEP, who could then force the township into performing an ACT 537 which will not only be costly to the township, but will be costly to us (the township residents) as well. (this was an action item from the August PC meeting)

Victor Berger, our township Supervisor, did some research on our behalf regarding the damages to our homes and our muddy well water due to the construction of the I-78 bridge.  He contacted Greg Farabugh, Penn Dot Project Manager Krumsville Construction, at the construction site and Victor was told that if we have damages they need to be brought to his attention. (this was an action item from the August PC meeting)  ALL RESIDENTS that presented me photos of their homes need to put together photos and write up a detail of when this occurred to be presented to PennDOT, via Greg at the construction site. (I would like to have copies, just to keep in our files)

As for our concerns of traffic being added to the intersection, the BoS clearly stated that they have had many meetings with PennDOT on this subject and PennDOT has refused to investigate further because our intersection is considered a Class D or Class E on their scale.  In order for them to proceed with more investigation, our intersection would need to be classified as an A or a B. Read more about that here. In other words, at this time there have not been enough documented accidents involving injury and/or death to warrant an upgrade from Class D to Class B. (this was an action item from the August PC meeting)

We have several items to follow up on at the PC Meeting in two weeks.

In a nutshell, our Board of Supervisors did follow up on many of the items that we have been disputing and filing complaints on.  They are listening.  Whether or not it will have an effect on their final determination on whether to approve or disapprove the warehouse building permit is still an open item.

The Reading Eagle is still following our meetings!