PC meeting May 15, 2017


(Note to Greenwich Township Residents – you can click these links, print the forms and drop them at my home on the corner of Old 22 and Rt 737. Please sign the “speak for me” paper there, too! – In the pink lidded tupperware box)

Second request: RIGHT TO KNOW:  Sketch Plan providing 50′ SB left-turn and 50′ taper on Rt 737 SKETCH_PLAN_020817_RTKRequestForm-1

Second request: RIGHT TO  KNOW: We would like copies of the 44 sheets dated September 30, 2016 for the Proposed Warehouse and Distribution Center (this is a second request) 44_sheet_submission093016_RTKRequestForm-1

RIGHT TO KNOW: We would like copies of the above 44 sheets as revised to 49 sheets on January 27, 2017. 45_sheet_submission012717_RTKRequestForm-1

Did the township “officially” stop the change to Rhoades Road being planned as a one way?

Is the township still pursuing the “NO CHANGE” to Long Lane intersection?

  1. Is this change being proposed because the property failed the LOS (Line Of Sight) requirements as-is?
  2. Is the township still pursuing a move of the drive entrance south on the property and if so, how does McMahon propose to meet the LOS requirements?

In regards to the HOP application, has the township done any follow-ups to the action items as laid out in the PennDOT meeting regarding intersection TIS and Over the Bridge Study as promised by Dennis Toomey?

Township residents are challenging the McMahon proposed traffic increase of 320 trips as stated at the April 12th, 2017 PennDOT meeting. We have reviewed the ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers – Washington, DC) Vehicle Trip Generation Analysis and submit this petition. Trips_petition1_36pgs

Is Chris Noll a P.E. (Professional Engineer)

  1. If the answer is no, we will file a petition to have a P.E. review the SALDO and other plans for the Crossroads X project.  We, the residents of Greenwich Township, have the right to request this.
  2. If the answer is yes, ask the question “Why are the engineering reviews not signed P.E.”

Engineering Review questions:

  1. RIGHT TO KNOW – We would like copies of the Submission Cover letter outlining all submission items (from the Application for Review of Preliminary Subdivision.Land Development plan) SUBMISSION_COVER_LETTER_RTKRequestForm-1
  2. SALDO 515 – On the plan itself, we do not see any accommodation for an emergency exit.  Is this still in review by the township?
  3. SALDO 517.2 – WELL CONCERNS – two wells were tested in the preliminary study.  We are asking that more wells be tested.  Our wells are shallow and during the major portion of contstruction of the I-78 interchange, most wells were undrinkable due to sediment and cloudy conditions.
  4. SALDO 517.2 – ELECTRIC CONCERNS – Krumsville has a long history of losing power during storms. With high volumes of traffic, the light at the intersection being out for prolonged periods of time is a concern.  How will our current trans station handle the additional electrical draw for the warehouse?
  5. SALDO 402.1 and SALDO 516.1.c – Is the township pursuing a PennDOT TIS (Traffic Impact Study) of the intersection of Old 22 and Route 737 for purposes of McMahon obtaining a HOP (Highway Occupancy Permit) The residents are not accepting the TIS performed by McMahon on March 16, 2016.  We have a petition challenging their TIS. TIS_HOP_petition2_form
  6. SALDO 517.3 – Recreation impact study.  Why did the developer request a waiver? Although not an official biking route, Old 22 and Rt 737 are well used by bicyclists and summer motorcycling.

Additional information was given to the township in regards to local roadways and their ability to handle increased traffic, specifically that of heavy tractor trailers.  We understand that the roads are the property of THE STATE, and we are resubmitting this information because it is vital to the community that these roads be properly maintained to prevent damages to automobiles and other local traffic traveling on Old 22 and Route 737.

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