BoS Meeting April 3, 2017

The meeting went very well.  The Board of Supervisors took a lot of time to inform, educate and answer questions.  We presented our three completed “COMPLAINTS” and requested meeting minutes from the PENN DOT meetings.

Overall, each of the three complaints was addressed.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL:  They do have some water testing done, I have requested copies of the results of those test in which they found that in two local wells, nitrates are high.  (Safe for drinking, but higher than recommended).  They are also aware of the natural water source and it is being addressed in the Planning Commission.  And lastly, the extensive grading and destruction of the ground surface is also being addressed in the Planning Commission.
  • SECTION 102 PURPOSE: Regarding zoning.  It was clarified that Industrial Properties in any of the townships does allow for warehousing.  The parcel of property had been designated as Industrial because of it’s location close to I-78 and in an area which the township felt would be the least invasive to the surrounding community.  The developer, McMahon dropped a huge bomb on us during this discussion as that the plans to the Planning Commission are for a 44 bay warehouse, but the construction would encompass a building that could be expanded into 109 bays.
  • QUESTIONS REGARDING INCREASED TRAFFIC: I was advised at the meeting to bring these concerns to the April 12th PennDOT meeting.  I am putting together a listing of concerns we would all like to have addressed.  Several of the questions in this complaint were indirectly answered in the meeting notes from the PennDOT meeting in February.  However, none of the questions were answered directly and I did request that the questions be reviewed and answered by the next BoS meeting.

The current Township website and lack of updates, was noted at the meeting and we were told that we can certainly make a formal request, in the form of a complaint, to have the website updated with new information.  We were also informed there is an updated Greenwich Township Ordinances, dated 2014.  The one on the website is dated 2000.  And there is an updated Zoning Map dated 2012.  The one on the website is dated 2003.  I have formulated a website complaint complaint5_form to be presented to the BoS.  This copy here is not final, everyone’s input on what is missing, outdated, or should be included on their website is helpful.  We can add to this complaint.  The plan would be to bring it to the May 1 BoS meeting.

Some other issues raised were policing traffic and increased vagrant population (meaning travelers into the township that are staying on a very limited temporary basis, as in waiting to load or unload their trailer)  We do have a township constable position (website lists the constable as Keith Miller) however, we fall under the jurisdiction of the Hamburg State police barracks.  In the 17 years I have lived here, I have seen many accidents, and one fatality at the intersection of Route 737 and Old 22.  It takes the state police an average of 20 minutes to arrive on scene. They are not at all concerned with our local traffic and do not have the manpower to police our community.  This is a big issue.  All input on how to address this as a complaint is greatly appreciated.

It was recommended by a resident that we all have our wells tested prior to construction.  The test to be water flow, water quality and depth.  The water problem was brought up after our complaints were filed.  We all have had trouble with our wells during the construction of the bridge over I-78 with heavy sediment and cloudy residues caused by the vibrations from the construction.  Having the heavy construction right next to our homes will definitely cause more sediment problems and the biggest concern is our shallow wells going dry when the warehouse starts sucking water from the ground to run itself. Again, the township said that these things are being considered by DEP and if it should become a problem after construction and habitation of the warehouse, we could request testing.

It was brought up by two separate residents is “Who do we sue when things go wrong after construction of the warehouse because we are bringing all these concerns to the Township attention prior to construction.” 

We did mention to the BoS that their Statement to Support the Spirit of the Community is not being fulfilled.  Krumsville is home to 18 small family owned businesses and rural residential homes, several of which are old and historical.  Bringing a distribution warehouse into the community which will generate outrageous amounts of tractor trailer traffic is not IN THE SPIRIT OF THE COMMUNITY.

We did receive one meeting minutes. 020817_PENNDOT_meeting The other two meetings were not considered a “forum meeting” as only one person from each party was present.  There are no minutes from those two meetings.

When you read this document, you will find that PENN DOT does not take any responsibility about the tractor trailer traffic.  They clearly state that they have no plans to make the roads safer for tractor trailer traffic.  We need to petition to Greenwich Township to stop the construction of this warehouse based on the facts that increased tractor trailer traffic will cause undue safety concerns to the residents as well as create undue health hazards for those residents living along the proposed travel way in and out of the warehouse.

We are setting up ACTION ITEMS for the April 12th PENN DOT meeting and for the next Board of Supervisors meeting

At this time, the Planning Commission meeting for April 17th is cancelled as no new plans have been submitted by the Developer.  And there is no new business is the township from residents.

There is a public PENN DOT meeting scheduled for April 12th at 1:00 pm.  The BoS apologized to the residents that it cannot be in the evening, PENN DOT refused an evening public meeting.  We will be represented at that meeting and are encouraging all residents that cannot make that meeting to forward their concerns to me, so that I can address them.  I will be at that meeting.

We now have several more things to address in our township as well as with surrounding townships.

I am requesting several more documents from our township. RTKRequestForm040417, I will post those when they arrive.

If there is a document or documents that you would personally like to receive, the form is here at this link.


Hi!  My name is Dodie Sable, I live at 593 Old 22 in Krumsville (junction of Rt 737 and Old 22) I am here this evening to make several formal written requests for information and to ask some questions regarding the Crossroads X Warehouse project.  This is my husband, Marc Sable, and he will be recording this portion of the meeting so that we do not need to take notes.

(If they protest the recording, I will present them with a copy of the Pennsylvania Sunshine Act, Open Meetings Law)

First item:  At the Planning Commission meeting on March 20, 2017, it was brought to our attention by the committee members that there were three “private meetings” with PENN DOT regarding this proposed warehouse project.  We requested at that meeting to know the agenda of the meeting and what was discussed and we were denied that information.  According to Open Meetings Law, “The law defines a meeting as *any prearranged gathering of an agency which is attended or participated in by a quorum of the members of an agency held for the purpose of deliberating agency business or taking official action.*”

According to the Pennsylvania Right To Know Law, the details of these “private meetings” are public and I am Filing a Written Request1 for the minutes of the three meetings with PENN DOT.

Second item: File Complaint regarding Direct Conflict with Article VIII 801.1 and 801.2 complaint3_form – will review at the meeting

Third item: File Complaint about warehouse and increased tractor trailer traffic complaint1_form – will review at meeting

Fourth item: File Complaint about Violation of Greenwich Township Mission Statement complaint2_form – will review at meeting

Fifth item: File Complaint that Greenwich Township is not living up to its Statement to Support The Spirit of the Community.  Our community is a residential and small local family owned businesses community.  A warehouse does not fit in with that spirit. country_life_brochure – will review at meeting.

The PA Agricultural Ombudsman Program offers statewide liaison services to communities for conflict management on issues affecting agriculture, land use, environment and planning.

Please contact:

  • Lancaster Co. Conservation District
  • 1383 Arcadia Road Rm. 200
  • Lancaster, PA 17601
  • 717-299-5361, ext. 5


  • Blair Co. Conservation District
  • 1407 Blair Street
  • Hollidaysburg, PA 16648
  • 814-696-0877, ext. 5

Sixth item:  I will request that we discuss each individual line on the Ordinance as outlined at this link.