VIOLATIONS, Greenwich Twp

Greenwich Twp Ordinance, Noise Level Limits of 70dBA

“It  is  common  for a tractor trailer to  produce  a peak  sound  level  of  90  dBA  at  the  distance  of  15  metres.  Considering  point  source  attenuation,  the  sound  level  50  metres  from  the  edge  of  pavement can  still  be quite  high  and  disturbing  (about 80 dBA).   Heavy  trucks,  particularly  with  Jake  brakes  engaged,  can produce  predominant low  frequency  noise  in  the  range  of  50 to  200 Hz.    The  attenuation  of  low  frequency sound  with  distance  is  lower  than  that  for  higher  frequency sound  waves.   The  low frequency sound  may also  cause  resonance  of  exterior  and  interior  building  elements (such  as  windows or  shelves),  contributing to  the  feeling of  vibration  experienced by  residents.   Air-borne  vibration can be  controlled by  increasing the  sound  transmission  loss of  exterior  walls,  doors and windows,  tightening  of  loose  elements of  a building or  a  room,  and  making  the  interior  of  rooms  more  sound absorbing. The  first  consideration for  removing  the  suspicion that  traffic-induced  ground-borne  vibration can  occur is  the  maintenance  of  smooth  pavement surfaces.   The  maintenance  of  a  smooth  surface  is  important to minimize  sound  levels  and  the  belief  that  vibrations  are  occurring.   For  example,  an  unloaded  dump  truck can  produce  a  startling  bang in excess of 150 Hz  when  its body  bounces over  a  pothole. “

(source data, Session on Quiet Pavements: Reeducing Noise and Vibration, author David K Hein, Applied Research Associates, Inc. 2006 Ontario Canada)


Greenwich Township Ordinance: Commercial Zoning “Commercial areas should include zoning provisions that are intended to protect nearby residential areas that are as extensive as the current Village District and should provide for less intense uses such as self storage warehousing, retail stores, local trades persons, offices and small retail stores.  These areas are proposed to not allow for uses that would likely to generate significant tractor trailer traffic, such as warehousing, distribution centers and truck stops.”

According to the map, amended in 2003, the property where the proposed warehouse construction is to take place is NOT zoned industrial.  It is zoned commercial (see above Commerical Zoning from the Greenwich Twp Zoning Ordinances)