2017 Endurance Schedule

Yes, I managed an endurance ride this year, it was a phenomenal success.  I could NOT have pulled it off without the awesome group of vets and volunteers that I had working the ride.

Below is my ride schedule – of course this is all dependent on how my girls do at each ride.  My ride motto is “One Ride At A Time!”

March Blackwater Boogie 25 LD  21st Place Penny/Steel
April Chesapeake  25 CTR  9th Place  Steel
April Cheshire  26 CTR  6th Place  Penny/Steel
May NJ100+  25 CTR  3rd Place  Penny/Steel
May New York Adventure  50 / 30  Managing
June Old Dominion  25 LD  Top 10!  Penny/Steel
July  Muckleratz “E”  30 LD  15th Place  Penny/Steel
 July  Vermont  75 END  Top 10!  Steel & Ro
July  Muckleratz “C1”  25 CTR  4th Place  Penny
September  Hector HH  50 END  20th Place  Penny/Steel
October  Mustang  30 LD  BC & 5th  Penny/Steel
 October Jersey Devil  25 CTR  Rs Champ  Penny/Steel

Our total mileage for the year. PENNY=261 / STEEL=336

Competition for 2017 is completed.  Stay tuned for more adventures in 2018.