Insurance … REALLY???

Okay – someone needs to explain this to me.

My business, Any Pet Groomed, has an insurance policy.  It is General Liability, Professional Services and Fleet Auto.  It is a package policy that we have had with this insurance company since 2012.  It’s a great deal!

My insurance company was bought out by another insurance company in June 2016.  I received a snail-mail notice from the new insurance company that I had an outstanding balance of $3.84

How is that possible?  I pay a monthly premium.  I get a bill.  I pay the bill amount.  What $3.84???

I ignore them and when the July billing comes, there is no additional $3.84 added to my bill.  The premium is exactly the same as every other month.  So I pay my bill.

I did not receive a bill for the August billing.  Hmmmm.  So I sent my August payment anyway.

I go to Las Vegas for vacation and don’t even think about it.

I came home from vacation and had a snail-mail NOTICE OF CANCELLATION from the insurance company.  I checked messages and there was no phone call from the insurance company, just this mailed notice that the insurance was terminated.


Monday August 12 – called Harry, my insurance rep.  He’s not available so I left a voice mail.  Told him about the lack of a billing for August but I sent my payment anyway and now I have a cancellation notice.  He calls me back and leaves me a message not to worry about it, that my payment arrived late and it crossed in the mail.

Tuesday-Wednesday – hard at work and really don’t think about the insurance.

Thursday August 15 – I get home from working all day and found a snail mail from the insurance company.  Open it up and I receive a refund check from the insurance company for a partial July and a terse notice that my insurance policy is cancelled as of July 26th, 2016.  The check and letter are dated August 13.  The day after I spoke with  my broker.

WHAT THE F*&^%^# ???

I go online and see they have cashed my August payment, as of today so if my policy was cancelled on July 26th, and they sent me a refund check, why are they cashing my August payment?

Friday August 16 – as soon as my phone says it’s 8:00 am … the time that the insurance company SAYS they are opened … I call my broker and leave a message on his voice mail.  Then I call the insurance company directly and speak to Caroline.

She says, “Well, you were canceled for an outstanding balance of $3.84.”

silence from me

She continues, “When we rolled into the new software, it automatically saw this past due amount and sent you a cancellation warning.”

I respond, “Yes, I got the notice about the $3.84 but the next billing did not include that amount.”

She replied, “That;s because the billing from from the new system does not carry over outstanding past due amounts from the old system.”


I sigh, “Okay, so can we get my policy reinstated?”

She puts me on hold.

She comes back on the line.  “Yes, but you will have to pay the $3.84, plus September’s premium payment plus a $100 reinstatement fee.”

I take deep (deep) breaths before replying.  “Okay, so let’s reinstate the policy.”

She puts me on hold.

She comes back on the line.  “I can’t do that,  you will have to contact your broker and he will handle this for you.  I can transfer you to your broker.”

Tersely, I respond.  “Okay, thank you.”

I am transferred.

I am in the wrong department.  They transferred me to personal insurance and not commercial insurance.  They transfer me to commercial insurance.  This is also the wrong department.  This is the old insurance company which is not handling the new insurance company’s broker calls.  They transfer me again and I get hung up.


I call my broker.  Still getting voice mail so I leave him a detailed message about my conversation with Caroline, except his voicemail cuts me off and says message is too long.


I call back and leave a very short CALL ME

I drive to my customer.

I trim 8 donkeys, 1 pony, 5 goats and an alpaca and no return phone call.

I am sweating and sticky and mad.  I call the broker again and leave a highly irritated CALL ME.

I am driving to my next customer and the broker calls me.

“Hey, Dodie” all friendly like.  I do not feel friendly.

“Harry, can we resolve this?  I am driving around in an uninsured car right now.”

‘Oh . sure, let’s do this.  I am sending you an email.  You have to print it out, sign it and fax it back to me so I can proceed.”

What part of “I’m driving around” did this man not hear?  I am nowhere near a computer to get my email, print it, sign it, then fax it.

I pull over on the side of the road, do some quick calculations as to how late I will make my next appointment if I run home to the office and take care of this now.

Only an hour.  Not bad by Dodie standards.

“Okay, Harry.  I am on my way to my office, send me the email.:”

I swear to you, I think that the powers that be want me to write a fourth book because they just keep throwing material at me to write about.

Kills me.

I have insurance again, and the insurance company not only got money for the 24 days that I didn’t have insurance, but they got a $100 fee for doing nothing and $3.84 that I have no idea where that came from.

What a mess.