2015 RIDES

My FIRST goal for 2015 is to get a new saddle so I am not giving Miss Daizy back aches.  We competed rather well in 2014 riding in a Barefoot Cheyenne treeless saddle, but on the two 50 mile rides we did, I noticed that she was VERY unhappy towards the end of the ride and she developed white hairs on the left side of her back.  This is from me riding crooked due to my back injury in 2010.  (Goal one accomplished on June 4 after two tries.  Tex Flex and she loves it.  Competed 50 at RBTR and not one complaint from her.  Me?  Well, the saddle needs to get a bit more broken in before I’ll be 100% with it)

My SECOND goal is to complete the Old Dominion Triple Crown.  I have not had this opportunity in the past sixteen years of competing.  (Goal two accomplished!  WOW WOW WOW)

My THIRD goal is to complete three 50’s before October so Miss Daizy will qualify to go to the AERC National Championship ride in October – again, another ride of which I have not had the opportunity before now. (footnote…OMG – After completing Old Dominion 50, which is the same trail the national Championship will be on, I’m not sure I want to do that again.  It took me a full 12 hours to complete that ride in June – HOWEVER!  We have qualified, so I will be entering and riding that trail again in 2015!)

As always, click the ride name below to read the ride story!

Mar 29 Bunny Hop CTR 25  11th  Steel 25
Apr 4 Chesapeake CTR 25  5th Daizy 25
Apr 11 Foxcatcher 50 END 50  34th Daizy 50
Apr 25 No Frills 55 END 55  5th HVS
Daizy 138
Steel 138
May 16+17  Glass Rides 50 CTR  50  R.O. mileage Daizy 0 Steel 25
Jun 13 Old Dominion 50 END 50  33rd Daizy 90
Jul 18  Vermont Moonlight  75  CREWING
Aug 1 Ride Between The Rivers  50  6th Daizy 125
Aug 29 Northeast Challenge  100  CREWING
Sept 12  Hector Half Hundred  55  24th    25th Daizy 88 Steel 99
Oct 8  AERC Nat’l Championship  50 Pulled Lame  Daizy 0
Nov 7  Mustang Memorial  75  6th  Steel 225
 Nov 28  Carolina 100  100