Renegade Boots, Don’t believe the lies

Oh my oh my oh my … Renegade should hold training classes for their customer service representatives.  As a business owner, the customer’s experience with the CSR people is so very important because a bad experience with a rep can end all business with that customer.  No matter what you do.

Well, now.  Here is a very unprofessional and horribly composed series of emails I had with a rep on June 5, 2017.

(Here’s a short story to get you in the mood to read the emails)

I got a new horse, Penny.  She has feet like iron and I really really do not want to nail shoes on her feet this year while we’re learning the sport and doing 25 mile rides.  I have tried all the Easy Boots and they failed miserably so I decided to give the Renegade boot a try.  Lots of people I know compete in them and do well, so I was hopeful this would be the boot for us.

So, in February 2017 I trimmed her feet with a mustang roll and low heel, per the instructions of the Renegade video for sizing.  I measured her feet immedaitely after the trim, waited 10 days and measured her feet again.  Naoma called Renegade with the two measurements and they said she needed a Size 2 boot.  Naoma ordered her boots and my boots together.

They arrive just in time for the Blackwater Swamp Stomp ride.  Now, I do not like to do anything new and different at a ride, but after seeing the stretches of road I would have to do, we decided to put the boots on her.  We did well.  It was a flat ride with swamp and mud, but the boots stayed on perfectly the entire ride.

So back home, I am conditioning on barefoot friendly trails.  We decided to go over to Trexler, which is NOT barefoot friendly and I put the boots on.  What a fiasco, lost the boots one by one.  She was stepping right out of them.  It was suggested to me that I was not installing them on the feet correctly, so I watched the video and yes, I was not installing them correctly.

After watching the video, I installed them correctly and took her on a conditioning ride at Leaser Lake on gravel roads.  They stayed on perfectly, even though Penny and Mooch were rocking out a 15 mph trot, they did not come off.  Now, it’s all road with no technical trail to negotiate so I knew I needed to try them out at Trexler again.

Off we go to Trexler to condition and holy pamoley Batman, not only did we lose boots, we blew up two of the boots on that technical trail ride.  Literally, see the image below.

I reached out to Renegade with this email.

Good Evening!

I have a mare with the best feet in the universe and I hated to shoe her.  I have heard so many great reviews about the Renegade, and how completely well they stay on even in the toughest terrain, that I had her sized, called you to properly get the correct size, and ordered her boots.

I then watched the fitting video and had the boots correctly fitted to her feet.  I then watched the how to put them on video and properly set the captivator.

First ride went well, we were competing on flat terrain in a sandy trail.  We put 25 miles without issue.  And true to your work, no rubbing.

Two conditioning rides went well, on relatively good footing trail surfaces.  Up and down hills, but good footing.

I am going to Old Dominion next week to compete so took her to a trail that is similar in footing.  Mostly large rocks and steep up and down hills on those rocks.

This happened today.  Fourth ride in the boots, and there are only 45 miles on them.  She is a big mover and we went to some tough terrain today at competition speed.

The boot on the left she lost first off her back foot as the cable lock let go. I removed both hinds and we continued down the trail.

The boot on the right was on her front and it literally tore all the way around, like a zipper.

Obviously, I am very disappointed.   I did not expect that one of these boots could literally tear.  And the fact that the cable clamp did not hold was also unexpected.  I have since learned from other riders that the cable clamp seems to be a week point when working in rough terrain.

Dodie Sable

I received this response:

>>>Hi Dodie

>>> Thank you for working with us. There are some correction that need to be made.  You did contact the manufacture and the inventor of the product.  What you heard about the clamp is not correct.  What did happen to the cables is the set screws were not tightened enough.  This is not a common problem or there would be more boots left on the trails.  The cables pulled out of the clamp.

>>> The bottom tore because something needs to be corrected either the back foot stepped on it or it was too narrow for the foot.  You are welcome to call and get some assistance.  We will help you with the damaged boot.

>>> Gina

I sent a reply email.  (Now, I had already spoken with several riders who were successfully using the boot and some that had no luck at all with the boot.  Three of these riders are in the top ten competing out there, they know their stuff!)

Good Evening!

Many riders who have purchased Renegades have given me feed back on the clamp and that it is a weak point in the boot.  Maybe you need to get out in the field and talk to more endurance riders.  They were all giving me tips and trick for “melting ” the cable into the clamp so the boots weren’t ripped off while traveling in rough terrain.

Several Tevis riders also gave me tips on how to permanently set the cable into the clamp so they didn’t rip out during rough terrain. As for the torn boot.  That kind of damage should have never happened to a new boot.


And then I received THIS reply: (In which she forgets how to spell my name, even though I sign every email to her.)

>>>Hi Dotie

>>> Do you go to the Chevy dealer to work on your Ford vehicle?  Then please we put 20,000 hours in developing.  Linda Morelli  Did Tevis in the strap on’s in 2009 and finished 20th.  It’s been over 10 years and the clamp just needs to be done our way.  If the boot bottom tore because the horse stepped on it we are happy.  Can you imagine if the boot did not give way you could be on the ground. I will say the cables are the week area but they can be replaced.

>>> Now to give you some help I would like a picture of the inside of the boot after you clean it up.  I am looking for the foot imprint.

>>> Gina

>>> Lander Industries, Inc

At this point I’m thinking English is not her first language, or she simply cannot write with good grammar and punctuation because she’s a millenial that does everything like WTF, and LOL, and TTYS … I send a response.  And yes, I was a little miffed at this point. And it’s 10 pm so I am tired and just want to go to bed.

Thank you for your response.  I am well aware of the number of riders that have completed Tevis in your boots, as well as the number of riders that have finished OD100 in your boots.  As well as the number of riders that have NOT finished Tevis and OD100 and many other rides in your boots.

Attached is photo of the inside of the boot.  I measured my horse’s feet after this blow out (because I was advised to do so as proof of fit when I contacted Renegade.  Apparently, Renegade has a history of blaming the fit of the boot or blaming the rider for installation error on the boot failure) Her feet were in a mustang roll and measured 5 x 5.

My horse is in a low heel, natural mustang roll, no sharp edges.  Her feet are symmetrical 4 7/8 x 4 7/8, this is immediately after her trim.  In 10 days, I measured her feet again, after rasping the edges and her feet were 5 x 5.  I contacted Renegade on the phone because her feet are so symmetrical and they told me to order the size 2 boot.

Again, on the flat rides, we had no issues what-so-ever.  On the boulder ridden, technical and steep climb trail, they blew apart.

I am not being confrontational, I simply wanted you to be aware of the boots tearing apart… and by no means do I take a Ford to a Chevy dealer.  However, if people doing the same workload I am doing tell me to buy a Chevy, not a Ford because the Ford fails, then I have to listen to the people doing the same workload as me. And if they tell me since I already have a Ford, there are fails and here are some tips on how to get around the fail, then I have to listen.

I will be posting your comments on my blog and on my Facebook page.  I simply sent you an email to let you know the boots failed in the first 50 miles and I was disappointed.  It was an informational email, I didn’t ask for anything, I didn’t demand anything, I simply wanted you to know about your product.  Attacking me in your email was not professional and was also very disappointing.

Have a nice evening.


AND THEN I GET THIS RESPONSE: I was literally shutting down everything to go to bed … (oh look, she spelled my name correctly this time)

>>Hi Dodie

>> We are here to help!  We always replace a boot bottom under warranty and do what we can to get the boots working for the rider.   I can not see the foot print in this picture.  I need to see if the foot print is on the bottom or if it is showing any signs of being on the side wall.

>> I also need to see the print of the heel butrus to see if the cut back option is best for this horse.  If you send me the boot I can read the foot print and decide what shell to replace it with.  If I can not see the foot print I would need to see a picture of the foot with a tape measure across the bottom.  I can see that the cables were move in . Was it still easy to pull the heel Captivator up on to the heel bulbs??

>> Gina

>> Lander Industries, Inc

I can see she’s making an effort to see the problem, so I respond:


The boots installed on the horse picture perfect, exactly as the video described. I adjusted the cables per the instructions on the video to get the maximum Velcro exposure. The captivator seated nicely on her without struggle.

You cannot see a foot print because the boots weren’t worn long enough to get a wear mark.

I cannot give you a measure of her foot as I had shoes put on her yesterday.  I have a competition this weekend, at OD, and needed her feet protected.

The other boot, in which you stated the cable came out because the clamp was not tightened correctly, well … the clamp is stripped.  I attempted to put the cables back in, per the video on replacing cables, but the clamp no longer will tighten, the two little set screws are not functioning properly.

Thank you,


It’s now almost 11:00 pm and I am done with this conversation, however, a ding indicates I have another email.

>>Hi Dodie

>>Send both boots for us to go over then.  When did you purchase them and from who?  I do not find you in the system.


This email’s grammar gives me a headache.  I respond and then quickly shut down my computer.

Look under Naoma Campbell, Grandy, NC.  She purchased her mare’s boots and my mare’s boots at the same time.  I believe it was back in February of this year.

Thank you,


REALLY, I didn’t want anything from Renegade, I just wanted them to know that the boot failed.  That’s it.  Now, I’m thinking I should get two new boots or my money back.

I promptly took Penny up to get shoes on the next day after this blow out.  I’m done with boots. I will keep the two that didn’t blow up as spare tires for competing.  After reading through the emails again this morning, I might have been a little touchy last night while reading and responding, but seriously…WTF?

And as of today (June 14th – Happy Flag Day) neither Gina nor any other representative has contacted me with shipping information to return the boots, nor have they indicated that they want to make this right in any manner as necessary.  What a horrible customer service this company has.