Miss Daizy Accomplishments


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2014 Competitive/Endurance Rides Completed Score
April Chesapeake Spring 25 mile CTR GRAND CHAMPION 99.0
April Cheshire 26 mile CTR 2nd HW/6th overall 96.75
May Glass Ride 25 mile CTR 1st HW/3rd overall 98.75
June Brookfield 35 mile CTR  RESERVE CHAMPION  98.75
July NACMO Blue Mountain  4th Placing for team
July  Muckleratz 2 day 50 CTR  5th HW/7th overall  97.0
August  Big Loop Boogie 50 mile END  12th place  125 points
September  Chesapeake 80 mile CTR  GRAND CHAMPION  97.0
November  Mustang memorial 50 mile END  12th place  125 points
November Nacmo Blue Marsh  4th Placing for team

2014 has turned out to be Miss Daizy’s year.  She is doing phenomenally well! 🙂  I enrolled her in the Arabian Horse Association performance for earning points.   She is also enrolled in the below organizations.

AHA points for 2014 = 24.14 points

AHDRA points for 2014 = 96.2 (11th overall in Purebred Division)
ECTRA Year End 2014 = Versatility and 4th overall.
NACMO Year End 2014 = 16 points

2013 Competitive Trail Rides Completed Score
March Bunny Hop 25 mile CTR 3rd overall 99.0
May Lickridge 25 mile CTR 9th overall 95.5
July Muckleratz 25 mile CTR (Sat) 5th overall 97.5
July Muckleratz 25 mile CTR (Sun) 9th overall 97.5
Sept Chesapeake 50 mile CTR 12th overall 95.5
Oct Ride For Ribbons 25 mile CTR 15th overall 91
Oct Jersey Devil 25 mile CTR 8th overall 94.5
Nov Orienteering 4th place
Dec Orienteering 4th place

AHDRA points for 2013 = 15.  She only competed two rides with me as her rider.  Apparently, the other rides do not count towards her points because she had other riders.

ECTRA Year End 2013 = 200 miles completed, Fourth Placing Overall.

NACMO Year End 2013 = We were not members so did not receive any awards or points.